Chou is a Soldier character specializing in Start and Explosion. The character has one of the best durability of the game (it can even be used as a tank), in addition to great offensive features. Chou is able to do a lot of damage to other heroes, clean waves of minions very easily and is also inspired by Bruce Lee. Check out the complete guide below to play Chou well in Mobile Legends!

Know Chou's skills

(Passive) Just Fast

Every 8 yards that Chou moves, his next basic attack will deal 200% damage (cannot be critical) and will slow the target briefly.

Jeet Kune Do (AoE / CC)

Cooldown: 11.0 Punch forward and can be used 3 times in a row. Each punch deals 180 (+ 70% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage. The first two attacks reduce the target's movement speed by 60% and the third attack throws opponents into the air. The third attack resets the cooldown of the Shunpo skill.

Shunpo (Blink)

Cooldown: 5.0 Chou glides a short distance, making him immune to the effects of control during movement. After the race, Chou increases his Physical Penetration by 15 points and acquires a shield that can absorb 200 (+ 150% Physical Attack) points of damage for 2 seconds.

The Dragon's Path (CC / Blink)

Cooldown: 34.0 Chou launches a kick to knock the target down and deals 400 (+ 200% Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage. Use the skill again to chase the enemy in the air, dealing at least 400 (+ 200% Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage.

Best skill build

Evolve Jeet Kune DO first and Shunpo second, while leveling the ult whenever possible. About battle skills, choose one of the following:
  • Purify : good for inexperienced players to cancel crowd control effects.
  • Retribution : great for speeding up the farm.
  • Flash : complements the Shunpo skill, offering a lot of mobility to the character.

Tips on how to play with Chou

  • Chou is not a good mid character, so always choose the top or bottom track.
  • Your skill combo should be Jeet Kune DO> Shunpo> Ult.
  • Whenever possible, try to use The Dragon's Way to trap opponents near your towers. If necessary, use Shunpo to get close and then launch the Ult to make the most of the damage from the towers.
  • When running away from fighting, keep an eye on your Passive. Whenever necessary, give your opponent a single hit to apply the slow and keep running.
  • Don't be afraid to invade the enemy jungle. The combination of CC effects and Chou's durability make him the perfect hero for this.
  • Prioritize the gold farm. Chou is a hero who depends a lot on items, and those that are indicated for him are expensive.
  • Chou is also a great character for destroying towers. When the time comes to push the lane, you must assume that role.
  • Chou is not one of the best heroes for the late game, so start ganking at level 4 and play aggressively.

Best items for Chou

Build Full Damage

Lightning Speed Shoes $ 750 Unique: +80 Movement Speed. Single Passive: Side Effect: Causing or taking damage decreases Movement Speed by 40 points. It lasts 5 seconds. Endless confrontation $ 2470 +65 Physical Attack, +25 Mana Regeneration, +25 Life, + 10% Cooldown Reduction, + 5% Movement Speed and + 15% Physical Life Steal. Single Passive: Divine Justice: After using an ability, the next basic attack will deal an additional 85% Physical Attack as real damage. This effect has a 1.5 second cooldown. Unique Passive: Pursue Fate: When Divine Justice is activated, Movement Speed increases by 10%. Wild Warrior Fury $ 2350 +65 Physical Attack and + 25% Critical Strike. Unique: + 40% damage on critical hits. Unique Passive: Condemn: Critical strikes increase the hero's Physical Attack by 5% for 2 seconds.
Blade of Despair $ 3010 +170 Physical Attack and + 5% Movement Speed. Single Passive: Despair: Attacking enemies with less than 50% Health will increase the hero's physical damage by 25%. It lasts 2 seconds. Blade of the Heptaseas $ 1950 +75 Physical Attack and +30 Life. Single Passive: Crush: Skills will decrease Physical Defense by 25. Lasts 3 seconds. Meteor of the Golden Rose $ 2270 +60 Physical Attack, +30 Magic Defense and + 5% Physical Life Theft. Unique Passive: Protect: Once the Hero's Life drops below 30% he will generate a shield that absorbs 510 ~ 1350 points of damage (increases with level) that lasts for 3 seconds. 40-second cooldown.

Build Full Tank

Lightning Speed Shoes $ 750 Unique: +80 Movement Speed. Single Passive: Side Effect: Causing or taking damage decreases Movement Speed by 40 points. It lasts 5 seconds. Athena Shield $ 2050 +900 Life, +56 Magic Defense and +20 Life Regeneration. Single Passive: Shield: Obtains a damage-absorbing shield every 30 seconds. The amount of absorption grows as the game continues, to a maximum of 1150. Gross Chest Armor $ 2120 +770 Life and +45 Physical Defense. Single Passive: Brutal Force: Basic skills and attacks increase Movement Speed by 3% and Physical and Magic Defense by 4%. Lasts 4 seconds. Accumulates up to 5 times.
Wings of the Apocalypse Queen $ 2250 +15 and Physical Attack, +1000 Life and + 10% Cooldown Reduction. Single Passive: Demonize: Reduces damage taken when health is low. It lasts 5 seconds. 50-second cooldown. Immortal $ 2120 +800 Life and +40 Magic Defense. Unique Passive: Immortal: Resurrects the hero in 2 seconds, offering 15% Life and a shield that absorbs 300 ~ 1000. The shield lasts 3 seconds. 180-second cooldown. Ancient Chestguard $ 2170 +920 Life, +54 Physical Defense +30 Health Regeneration. Single Passive: Detention: The enemy that attacks the hero will have its attack strength reduced by 6%. It lasts 4 seconds and accumulates up to 3 times.
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