How to play Arthur in Arena of Valor: tips, build and items

In Arena of Valor, Arthur is a tank hero with great abilities to start fights, which makes him a perfect roamer and ganker . Although he is not considered the best hero in the game in each of these roles, his skills are versatile and, if used correctly, Arthur becomes a powerful ally during fights. Check now everything you need to know about Arthur to destroy in matches!

Know Arthur's skills!

 Perfection (Passive)

Arthur is blessed by the skies, which grants him 28 armor (varies depending on the hero's level).

 Burning Honor

Arthur gets energized, increasing his movement speed by 30%. It will leap towards the enemy on its next normal attack, dealing 180 (+164) physical damage and slowing their movement speed by 90% for 1 second. The target reached by this ability will also be marked for 5 seconds. Arthur's normal attacks deal 1% of the maximum health of targets marked with additional magic damage. This mark also increases the movement speed of nearby friendly heroes for 5 seconds.

 Holy Protector

Arthur summons sanctified swords that circulate around him, dealing 100 (+65) (+0) magic damage per strike. This skill lasts for 5 seconds.

 The Impact of Heaven

Arthur jumps into the sky and then explosively falls on top of an enemy hero inflicting 750 (+213) physical damage and causing nearby enemies to fly for 0.5 seconds. Enemies within the blast radius will also take 100 (+57) physical damage every second for 5 seconds.

Tips on how to play with Arthur

  • At the beginning of the game ( early game ), always try to use a normal attack, Ardor da Honor and another normal attack, in that order. The combo will deal great damage and the last hit will always hit with a view to slowing down caused by the Ardor of Honor.
  • In the late game , Arthur is able to destroy waves of minions with extreme ease. So be sure to help your team by pushing the trails and smothering your enemies.
  • While roaming between the trails ( roaming ), whenever possible, start fights using Ardor of Honor on the most fragile enemy heroes (usually wizards and snipers). When you are close, use Holy Protector and normal attacks.
  • When necessary, don't forget to use Ardor da Honor in a defensive way to increase your movement speed and avoid fights. Heaven's Impact is also an essential tool to delay enemies while their partners escape.
  • Never be the first of the team to run away! As a tank, you must be the first to enter and the last to leave the fights.

Best skill build

At level 1, choose the Holy Protector skill to help level and push the trails. After that, focus on leveling Ardor of Honor to the maximum. Choose Impact from Heaven at level 4 and start wandering the trails in search of enemies out of position. Attack them with combos of Ardor of Honor + Impact from Heaven to deal a lot of damage. From the middle of the game on, Arthur becomes a perfect tank to start fights, so try to coordinate the team and choose the best time to fight. During fights, always be on the front lines to tank the damage and focus your Burn of Honor and Impact from Heaven on the weakest enemy heroes. When recharging these abilities, use Holy Protector to supplement the damage.

Core items

These items are mandatory to optimize gameplay with Arthur and should only be replaced in very specific situations.

 Ra's Cloak

Cost: 1950
  • +80 Attack Damage
  • +330 Armor
  • Passive: Burn (deals 100 magic damage - +4 per level - to enemies for 1 second, doubling the damage for soldiers and monsters)

 Ice Cape

Cost: 2020
  • + 10% Recharge Reduction
  • +300 Armor
  • +800 Maximum Life
  • Passive: Freezing Power (after activating an ability, your next Normal Attack will reduce Movement Speed ??by 30% and still deal 150 Physical Damage in an area - with +20 for each level reached)

Optional items

 Fenrir's Tooth

Cost: 2950
  • +200 Attack Damage
  • Passive: all damage is increased by 30% when the target's Health drops below 50%

 Fury of Hercules

Cost: 2000
  • +50 Attack Damage
  • +180 Armor
  • +150 Magic Defense
  • Passive: Savagery (when the Hero's Life drops below 40%, his Attack Damage increases by 40 points and gains a shield that lasts 8 seconds)

 Longynus Spear

Cost: 2060
  • +80 Attack Damage
  • + 15% Recharge Reduction
  • +150 Armor
  • Passive: Crunch (after damaging an enemy, reduces his Armor by 50 for 5 seconds. Accumulative effect up to 5 times)

 Hyoga Blade

Cost: 1920
  • +100 Armor
  • +100 Magic Defense
  • +1200 Maximum Life
  • Passive: Cutting Cold (reduced enemy's Movement Speed ??by 25% and increased hero's own speed by 10% for 2 seconds, using only normal attacks)

 Troy Medallion

Cost: 2220
  • + 10% Recharge Reduction
  • +360 Magic Defense
  • +1000 Maximum Life
  • Passive: Blessed (gain a shield that absorbs magic damage every 18 seconds - 300 + hero level x 50)

 Gaia's Armor

Cost: 1960
  • +240 Magic Defense
  • +1200 Maximum Life
  • Passive: Heal: after taking damage, regenerates 8% of your total Life for 2 seconds. 10 second charge.

 Amulet of Longevity

Cost: 2680
  • +1700 Maximum Life
  • +100 Life every 5 seconds
  • Passive: Blue Blood (the healing effect increases by 20%)
  • Passive: Longevity (increases Maximum Life by 10%)

 Odin's Virtue

Cost 1820
  • +60 Attack Damage
  • +1000 Maximum Life
  • Passive: Adrenaline (after taking damage, increases movement speed by 2% and deals 2% additional damage. Effect stacks 5 times)

 Golden Boot

Cost: 690
  • + 110 Magic Defense
  • Passive: + 60 Movement Speed
  • Passive: minus 35% magic damage taken

 Sonic Boots

Cost: 700
  • +110 Armor
  • Passive: Movement Speed ??+60
  • Passive: reduces damage from normal attack by 15%

The best archangels for Arthur

Red arcana

  • Bloodlust
  • Indomitable
  • Obliteration

Purple arcana

  • Tyranny
  • Colossus

Green arcana

  • Sanctuary
  • Wild
  • Aggression
Learn more about the arcane system!

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