How to optimize PUBG Mobile to run smooth

The creators of the PUBG Mobile version have added different graphical options for modern and old handsets to run smooth with minimal lag or FPS drop. Depending on your mobile device, you may want to use different options to get more fluid during gameplay by modifying your FPS, changing graphics or using different color patterns. Find out how to optimize PUBG Mobile on your device for the best experience possible!

Minimum Requirements to run PUBG Mobile

If your smartphone does not meet the following minimum requirements, it is not worth trying to install PUBG Mobile. There are no tricks, magic files, or apps that modify your device.
PUBG Mobile Android PUBG Mobile iOS
THE Android 5.1.1 or higher iOS 9.0 or higher
Ram 2 Gigas (Minimum) 1 Giga (Minimum)
Storage 1.5GB + 903.1 MB

Adjustments make a difference

In the upper right corner of the screen you can enter the "Settings" menu. In the "Graphics" menu, there are different options.


Soft Mode : More graphically modest mode, suitable for older devices or with minimum requirements. Balanced Mode : Mode that balances performance and graphics HD mode : Realistic graphics for powerful devices. Note: HD Ultra Mode is currently unavailable for all devices.


This setting changes the color scheme of the game. More colors during the game or better, more color, light and shadow differences during the game use more features.
  • No Style: No Adjustment;
  • Classic: Colors similar to PC version;
  • Color: slightly more colorful mode than classic mode;
  • Realistic: mode that uses more features, but the most beautiful graphically.

Frame Rate (FPS)

The frame rate or FPS ( frames per second ) is one of the most important aspects of any game, especially a game like shooting PUBG. More FPS allows greater fluidity between successive frames ( frames ) which results in a more fluid kinematic image. Adjust the frame rate to improve game flow if you notice excessive FPS drop, especially with older devices. Also remember that more FPS also consume more battery. Self-tuning This mode helps to automatically reduce sharp frame rate drops in game situations (for example, in a player-to-player shootout). It is off by default. Make sure you try different graphics adjustments until you find the best mix between performance and game look. Learn the best tips for doing well on PUBG Mobile Discover the differences between Free Fire and PUBG Mobile Get to know all PUBG Mobile patents Learn how to become Master of Arms at PUBG Mobile!

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