Guns of Boom: battle achievement points guide!

In Guns of Boom, there are different special ways to earn more points during the battle. It can be eliminating enemies without dying, getting a shot in the head, assisting a teammate and much more. These objectives are called Achievements . Find out more about the Achievements in Guns of Boom, how many points you can earn for each one and how many you can get. With this guide, you will be able to make better scores in your battles.


  • Assistance : help someone eliminate an enemy (2 points)
  • Critical Assistance : you have dealt more damage to an enemy, but it has been eliminated by another player (5 points)


  • First strike : first kill of the match (15 points)
  • Double Death : two kills in 5 seconds (12 points)
  • Triple Death : three kills in 5 seconds (15 points)
  • Quadrakill : four kills in 5 seconds (20 points)
  • Pentakill : five kills in 5 seconds (20 points)
  • Homicidal Fury : four kills without dying (20 points)
  • Unbeatable : eight kills without dying (30 points)
  • Massacre : 12 kills without dying (40 points)
  • Legendary : 16 kills without dying (50 points)

Special Achievements

  • Shot in the Head (Headshot): an elegant shot in the head (12 points)
  • Double Head Shot : even more elegant shots in two separate heads (15 points)
  • Quartered : eliminate a knife enemy (12 points)
  • Death With Grenade : eliminate an enemy with grenades (15 points)
  • Kill : eliminate an enemy with a shot more powerful than your current health bar for 1000 points (12 points)
  • Revenge : eliminate an enemy that eliminated you twice in a row (15 points)
  • Combo Breaker : eliminate an enemy that is missing a kill to get a Killing Spree (15 points)
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