Los Santos is a fictional city in the GTA universe , based in the city of Los Angeles. In addition to being the most detailed map of the franchise, there are many places similar to the American city and many hidden secrets. Check out all about Los Santos' various districts and key locations to pick up collectible items!


The large city of Los Santos is divided into six major districts.

1. Downtown Los Santos

Here you find the heart of the city, surrounded by highways. This is the most urbanized area of ??the city , with several skyscrapers representing the various financial and corporate companies of Los Santos. The district is divided by:
  • Pillbox hill
  • Mission row
  • Textile City
  • Legion square

2. Vinewood

Vinewood is a district known for its entertainment and nightlife industry. The zone is divided by:
  • Vinewood Center
  • Vinewood West
  • Vinewood East
  • High
  • Hawick
  • Mirror park

3. Vinewood Hills

In Vinehood Hills, you have access to fantastic views of the entire city of Los Santos. That's where you find the iconic sign with the district name.
  • Vinehood hills
  • Richman

4. Vespucci

This is a residential and commercial area near the beaches . One of its best seaside communities is Del Perro, where Pleasure Pier is located. A little closer to the city center is Little Seoul, a middle-class neighborhood home to Asian immigrants in general. The district is divided by:
  • Vespucci Beach
  • Vespucci Canals
  • Puerto Del Sol
  • Del perro
  • Little seoul

5. Los Santos Este

In this district there are both poor and rich citizens , separated by neighborhoods. Together we also have the industrial zone of the city. As it is a district with a large concentration of Latin residents, there is a strong presence of gangs . The zone is divided by:
  • La Mesa
  • Cypress Flats
  • El burro heights
  • Murrieta Heights

6. Los Santos Sul

The southernmost district of Los Santos is an area full of dangerous citizens , where the poorest residents and the city's African-American community live predominantly. In addition, here is also the Airport area along with various warehouses, hotels and restaurants . The district is divided by:
  • Davis
  • Strawberry
  • Chamberlain hills
  • Ranch
  • Banning
  • Los Santos International Airport

Collectable Item Locations

1. Epsilon tubes

Check out the places where you can get all the Epsilon Tract challenge tubes . You gain access by completing the final mission for Epsilon. Then you have to get the ten tubes from clues received by Michael. Learn more about this mission and more or more crazy!

2. Underwater collections

In GTA V , there are several submerged suitcases with a considerable amount of money. Check out their locations here. Learn all the ways to make money in the game!

3. Spaceship Parts

After Frank completes the Far Out mission , there are 50 spaceship pieces scattered around the map for you to pick up. The reward of this challenge is a unique vehicle, the Space Docker. Check out the map with all locations. Meet all the rare vehicles of GTA V!

4. Pieces of letters

Check out the map with the 50 pieces of hidden cards. This challenge is available during the Mystery of Leonora Johnson quest .

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