Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (GTA VCS) cheats for PS2 and PSP

Here are a series of tips and tricks from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories for PlayStation 2 and that will surely make the game much easier. As always from Trucoteca we recommend that you try to play without using them to get the most out of the playable experience. Be as it is and as always ... you choose.


25% of MP content: 50% of MP content: 75% of the content of MP: . 100% of MP content: Weapon set 1: Weapon set 2: Weapon set 3: Get $ 25000: Faster Gameplay: Slower playability: Improve weather: Vary weather: Sunny day: Rain: Fog: Rhino tank: Trashmaster: Perfect traction: Armor: Commit suicide: Commit suicide: Health: There is no search: Raise the search level: Faster time: All cars turn black: Destroy all cars: Women chase you: The citizens attack you: Armed Citizens:

Advantages and Improvements:

You never get tired when you swim: Complete the 15 coastal patrol missions. Infinite Sprint: Complete the 15 levels of the missions with the ambulance. Fireproof: Complete the 15 firefighter missions. Health Increase: Complete the 15 missions of the air ambulance. Extra armor: Complete the 15 vigilante missions Armored work vehicles: Get the 30 businesses. Taxi Jump: Finish 50 trips with the taxi or earn $ 5,000 with this one.


Mr. Repo Costume: Buy a “High Roller” in the Loan Shark building. Smuggler Costume: Purchase a “High Roller” in the smuggling building. Capellan Costume: Buy a “High Roller” in the robbery building. Leisure Suit: Buy a “High Roller” in the prostitutes building. Winner Costume: Complete the “Last Stand” mission. Navy Costume: Complete the “Last Stand” mission. Cuban style suit: Complete Humberto's mission. Wet suit: Complete the 8 Jetski races using the Jetski in the recording studios. Casual suit: Complete the “Conduct Unbecoming” mission. Garbage dump: Complete the "DIVORCE" mission. Elegant suit: Complete all missions, of the 6 classes of Empires.

Rewards for archiving 100% of the game:

You will get infinite ammo and you will have the option to see all the short films of the game in the Clymenus suite: Discounts in Ammu-Nation: To get discounts, complete all the shooting challenges you face, in the Port of Vice City, near Phil Infinite Sprint: You must press X repeatedly instead of holding it down. The player will never get tired unless you keep him pressed.
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