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Full List Of Common Used Abbreviations & Slang Words In Idle Heroes

While perusing this blog or hiding in some other Idle Heroes people group, you certainly observe a great deal of ordinarily utilized slang words/condensing’s with respect to the amusement.

What do those “HW,” “PO,” “HS,” “HM” mean?

To new players, it is difficult at all to make sense of the significance of those.

Therefore, here is a full rundown of the ordinarily utilized terms of the diversion for you.

Idle Heroes Slang Words Rundown

PVE: Player versus Condition (Matches in Battle, Aspen, Organization Supervisors, Divine Islands, and so on. Ordinarily implies Player versus PC)

PVP: Player versus Player (Matches in Fields, Society Wars and so on.)

CC: Group Control

Spot: Harm After some time

HOT: Mends After some time

DPS: Harm Every Second (Turn)

E3: Empowered third dimension Legend

E2: Empowered second dimension Legend

E1: Empowered first dimension Legend

HS: Brave Summons

PO: Prophet Spheres

HM: Brave Marvel

DD: Harm Managed

ToC: Trail of Bosses

FTA: Free Group Up Field

CI: Heavenly Islands

Rss: Assets

GW: Society Wars

GB: Society Supervisor

GC: Society Coins

BT: Courageous Preliminary

BS: Broken Spaces Occasion

DB: Evil spirit Chime Curio

Whale: Somebody who spends tons of cash.

Dolphin: Somebody who spends a conventional lump in the diversion.


KB: Ruler Barton

FB: Confidence Edge

HW: Heart Watcher

DA: Dim Athindol

DM: Das Moge

IB: Iceblink

DS: Monster Slayer

DH: Devil Seeker

LB: Ruler Balrog

BB: Blood Edge

Cd: Carcass Evil spirit

Val: Valentino

And the sky is the limit from there! (being refreshed)

Don’t hesitate to remark beneath In the event that you need to add any word to the rundown. I would exceptionally cheerful to extend so new players could get into the diversion much.

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