FIFA 20 has been officially announced by EA. With a launch date set for September 27 , the next edition of the best football simulator today comes with a series of innovations. In this article we bring you all the information about prices, game modes, gameplay and what promises to be the sensation of this title: VOLTA Football, a recreation of FIFA Street .

Update: demo arrives on September 12

It looks like the FIFA 20 demo finally has a release date. According to leaks, the demo will arrive on PlayStation 4 on September 10 . It will have 6 teams and will have the presence of VOLTA Football mode. The teams are:
  • Borussia Dortmund
  • Chelsea
  • Tottenham
  • Liverpool
  • PSG
  • Real Madrid

VOLTA Football: the return of FIFA Street

The most striking news about FIFA 20 was the introduction of a new way of playing football in video games: VOLTA Football. Much more than a game mode, it almost resembles an independent game within FIFA . VOLTA presents street football, in a very similar way to what FIFA Street did in 2012. We will again have reduced courts, with small goalkeepers and two teams with a maximum of five players on each side. Disconcerting dribbles, in the best free style style , will also be present, which will give dynamism to the matches.

Take your ace to stardom

Within the VOLTA mode there will be branches. That is: there are several different forms of the same modality. It is possible to choose a team to conquer the world with them, in the so-called VOLTA World. If you want to create a player from scratch, VOLTA Story Mode is perfect for that, as it allows you to reach maximum stardom with your character. Also in these branches, VOLTA allows for at least four game structures. It is possible that matches are 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 or Futsal. We haven't seen the Futsal modality in an electronic game for almost two decades, which will be very interesting.

Men and women on the same court

The rules of street football are very specific. In the VOLTA mode, men and women can share the same space, with no distinction between women and men. In addition, the customization of the stars will be a highlight, promising to be wide and varied. Clothes, hair, features, tattoos and cleats are some options you will have when customizing your character.

Gameplay news

Every new edition of FIFA seeks to improve and refine gameplay points compared to the previous version. In that sense, one of the game's producers, Sam Rivera, announced at least two new features. So far we know that there will be changes in the way fouls can be made, in addition to the introduction of Football Intelligence. The demo release date has not yet been announced. However, we can now have some revelations about the gameplay .

FIFA 20 will have more realistic game mechanics

According to the professional, at least three thousand FIFA players from around the world were heard to see what they wanted to see for improvements. The Football Intelligence encompasses three requests of the fans, and Rivera promised EA Play that we will see these requests met in FIFA 20 :
  • Complete remodeling of the way players handle the ball
  • Dribbling and dribbling options to make the 1x1 against defenders more dynamic
  • Artificial intelligence with more realistic reactions when they are away from the ball.
We also emphasize the implementation of the Authentic Game Flow mechanics , which will seek to give players more faithful movements to what a real player would do in each game situation.

Free kicks become more dynamic and varied

For many years, FIFA titles have not exactly had a manual way of curving the ball during free kicks. Thinking about it, there is a huge change in FIFA 20 . Now the players will be able to use the right analog stick to put that magic effect, completely changing the trajectory of the ball. But this is not the only change in this regard. Now in both the free kick and the penalty shootout, there will be the option of setting a crosshair at the exact spot where the player wants the ball to go. As of the latest trailer released by EA, set-pieces will become more dynamic and accurate, while at the same time, unpredictable.

Ultimate Team Mode: Fortnite Season Goals

The news about the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team promises some substantial changes. In FIFA 19 , for example, we had the Daily Goals and the Weekly Goals. Now, in addition to these, we will have the Goals of the Season. With that, players can expect to win more prizes, such as rare card packs. See below how they were divided from the Goals:
  • Diaries: these are the easiest and simplest tasks, updated every day. Points earned accumulate for Season rewards
  • Weekly: in addition to experience points, fulfilled objectives give rewards, such as cards or money
  • Season : each season lasts around a month or a little longer than that. In the end, if the objectives are met, prizes are won much better than those of the week or day
  • Dynamic: dynamic appear randomly, usually linked to events or championships that happen in real life
  • Striking: the goals are long-term, unrelated to the Season, but nothing else has been released by EA regarding
Each season, according to EA, will have 30 levels. The more levels the players go up, the more prizes they win. The prizes get better and better as you approach the last level.

You can customize clubs even more

Whoever plays the Ultimate Team likes to invest in creating and personalizing their club. In FIFA 20 you will have even more options in this regard! The fans will make an exclusive mosaic according to the colors of your team. There will also be a theme, which is a specific design of those round flags that are in the center circle of the field before departure. According to EA, each club can have a personalized celebration.

Ultimate Team friendlies are new

In FIFA 20 the Ultimate Team will have a very interesting novelty. Now you can play friendlies, without tiring the players and without consuming your contracts. This is great for training a change of formation or testing a new player. Of course, no results obtained are included in the official statistics. These friendlies will still have different starting options. Players will be able to disable cards, offsets, fouls, and allow goals from outside the area to count for two. These "weird" options already exist in Quick Play, outside of Ultimate Team. But in addition to those that already exist in FIFA 19 , another four were added to edition 20 . The first two are exclusive to the Ultimate Team friendlies. Look:
  • Maximum integration : regardless of the level of integration of your club, if you choose this option, it will have 100% integration in the partifda
  • Player exchanges with the other team: the other team will receive three players from you and you will receive three players from it
  • Mysterious ball: goals can be worth one, two or three. Certain players, quite randomly, gain special attributes when they control the ball. They can get faster or have a stronger kick, for example
  • King of the hill: some spaces on the field allow you to dribble and keep the ball's power to increase the value of your goals. Again: the maximum is a goal worth three.

Fifteen legends added to Ultimate Team

The list of FIFA 20 icons grows
With the addition of 15 new legends to Ultimate Team Mode, we will have a total of 88 legendary players in FIFA 20 . Of the new members of this select group, only six names have been made official so far: Zinedine Zidane , Andrea Pirlo , Didier Drogba , Ian Wright , Ronald Koema n and Carlos Alberto Torres .

Career Mode: you can now be a trainer or a trainer

Like Ultimate Team, Career Mode is widely played by fifteen players. There are about three editions, however, that we don't see any major changes or improvements in this game mode. In FIFA 20 , however, it looks like some very interesting features have been added .

Almost complete customization of the Manager

The most striking of these is the complete personalization of the trainer. In fact, if you want, you can now be a coach. This is a very cool change, which can help to popularize the game among the female audience. Especially after EA's statements that there are no plans to add female athletes to the FUT. In addition to the Manager's gender, it will be possible to completely edit the skin tone, features, physical shape, hairstyles and clothes. For those who want a more real experience in this mode, these changes are very welcome.

All actions now impact team morale

In FIFA 20 everything that the Manager does will interfere with the performance of the players on the field. This touch of reality will certainly make the whole experience more difficult. In other words, it will be necessary to think carefully about the answers you will give in the press conferences, for example. Rotating the holders will also be necessary, otherwise you will have a very unhappy squad. Hitting that one-on-one chat with athletes who need advice or an ear tug will be possible and recommended in this new FIFA 20 Career Mode .

Overall, we’ll have a more dynamic Career Mode

As EA has almost all major football league licenses in the world, we can expect an almost televised representation of brands, clubs and championships. This will make the players have a much more lively, more dynamic environment. Feeling the atmosphere of Champions League matches, for example, will be more real than ever. Controlling every aspect of your squad will also add that aura of reality to the game. You can follow the potential of each athlete, from the youngest to the most experienced. This will allow to outline the best strategies for the evolution of players or even negotiation for each athlete.

Pro Clubs mode: new gameplay and customization options

Pro Clubs Mode is a favorite of FIFA players . And EA has already confirmed that it has paid attention to some community calls for improvements. Although it is not yet the changes that players want most, there are great news in terms of gameplay and the construction of your avatar .

House Rules Cups and Practice Match: new ways to play Pro Clubs

The company recently announced that in FIFA 20 there will be two new game options within the mode. The House Rules Cups will actually bring together all of the types of matches currently found in Pro Clubs Quick Play. Practice Match, in turn, will allow players to train against the "machine" individually. It is a way to evolve and improve your avatar before matches.

Avatar: new way to customize your ace

The customization of the stars will now be deeper and with several options in Pro Clubs. She even got a new name, called Avatar. From this new system, the tendency is for individual players to become increasingly unique and similar to the versions of players in real life. In addition to changes in appearance, FIFA 20 will allow players to choose new positions for their players. They are: MAD, MAE, MD, ME, ADD and ADE. The initial rating of each player will be 80. The evolution will be based on participation in matches, events and championships. The skill tree will have 30 elements, which will be divided into the most varied attributes.

Inside the field the atmosphere will be more real

The menus throughout the games will be more personalized according to the concept of Pro Clubs Mode. The fans and stadiums will be more decorated with the colors of the clubs that are playing. There will also be greater autonomy in the celebrations, since the players will have more options to celebrate with the whole team as well. Regarding uniforms, EA added twenty-five more customizable kit options . Regarding the gameplay itself, given the requests of the players, now you can choose which players will be on the barrier during the free kicks.

Prices and editions - Standard, Champions and Ultimate

Ultimate edition is more expensive, but gives more benefits
FIFA games always have the same launch window, between the ninth and tenth months of the year. With FIFA 20 it won't be any different, so mark the game's arrival on September 27, 2019 on your calendar . We point out that consoles of the previous generation will no longer receive games from the franchise. The Nintendo Switch will only receive a "Legacy" version. If you own a PC, a PS4 or an Xbox One, be aware that there will be three different editions of FIFA 20 : Standard , Champions and Ultimate . Each, as usual, offers a series of rewards if they are purchased in pre-order. See below what EA confirmed about each version.

Standard Edition

The Standard comes on that date, regardless of whether purchased in pre-sale or not. Anyone who purchases in advance, however, will have access to 3 Rare Gold Packs in Ultimate Team mode. It is one package a week for three weeks. In addition, you will be able to choose an idol player on loan for 5 games and win special FUT uniforms. This basic edition will be available for R $ 239.00 .

Champions Edition

The intermediate edition, if purchased in pre-order, guarantees three days early access to the game. Twelve Rare Gold Packs will be provided, one per week. Add this to the 3 Packages of the Standard version and the other gifts of the basic edition to have good rewards for the advance purchase. The Champions version can be purchased for R $ 319.00 .

Ultimate Edition

The premium version of FIFA 20 also offers three-day early access. There are 24 Rare Gold Packs, in addition to the 12 in the Champions edition and 3 in the Standard edition. The other extras from previous editions are guaranteed. There is also a "Keep an Eye" player from the Ultimate Team. The Ultimate edition will go on sale for R $ 389.00 .

Cover of FIFA 20

Hazard, new reinforcement from Real Madrid, starring on the cover of FIFA 20
The FIFA 20 covers were finally revealed by EA. After several speculations, we have the name of Eden Hazard as the protagonist of the Standard edition of the game! The Champions version, in turn, will have Liverpool's excellent defender Virgil van Dijk as poster boy. As for the Ultimate version, the protagonist of the most expensive edition of FIFA 20 will be none other than Zinedine Zidane .

PC gaming requirements

EA has not forgotten its FIFA PC players . The company also released the minimum and recommended requirements for the machines to run FIFA 20 well . See the table below!
Minimum requirements Recommended requirements
Operational system Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 64-bit Windows S610 64-bit
CPU Processor (AMD): Phenom II X4 965 or equivalent Processor (Intel): i3-2100 or equivalent Processor (AMD): Athlon X4 870K or equivalent Processor (Intel): i3 6300T or equivalent
Video card Graphics card (AMD): Radeon HD 7850 or equivalent Graphics card (NVIDIA): GeForce GTX 660 or equivalent Graphics card (AMD): Radeon R9 270X or equivalent Graphics card (NVIDIA): GeForce GTX 670 or equivalent
Online connection 512 KBps or higher Broadband connection
Hard drive 50GB of space 50GB of space

FIFA 20 news calendar

Reproduction / EA
For the most anxious people who can't wait to hear news, EA has done the favor of publishing a calendar with updates regarding FIFA 20 . As you can see in the image above, the Career, Pro Clubs and Ultimate Team modes have not been forgotten. To learn more about VOLTA Football, however, we will have to wait until at least August.
  • Mid-July : we will have more news about the gameplay , probably explaining better all the innovations of Football Intelligence
  • End of July : the beloved Career mode and the online Pro Clubs will have revealed their new features in relation to FIFA 19 .
  • Early August : FIFA 20 Ultimate Team and all of its changes will be announced. The VOLTA Football mode, EA's big bet for the next edition, will be completely revealed.

Brazilian teams confirmed

The latest FIFA games have not offered specific content for South American audiences. The Brazilian teams, mainly, even appear with licensed uniforms, but with very generic players. The stadiums are not present, much less the crowd chants. In FIFA 20 , as far as we can tell so far, this strategy from EA will be maintained. Currently, the presence of Ceará and Fortaleza , both licensed clubs, were announced and confirmed . What remains to be seen is whether the players will also be present, as negotiations are carried out with each individual athlete.

What can we expect from FIFA 20 ?

Since FIFA 17 , with the announcement of The Journey mode, the hype surrounding a franchise title has not been so great. The introduction of VOLTA and its evident resemblance to FIFA Street leaves fans with the hope that FIFA 20 can be the best game in the series ever made. Despite the few announcements so far regarding gameplay , we can already expect interesting gameplay changes over the last few editions. The reshaping of players' physics in relation to the ball, for example, can make matches much more unpredictable and closer to real football. Especially if the 1x1 duels become more dynamic and with greater dribbling options. As for artificial intelligence, it has been greatly improved from 18 to 19 , however there is still ample room for evolution. It remains to be seen whether they will actually take place on the pitch or whether it is just EA's promise. Stay tuned in this article for updates and news regarding FIFA 20 .

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