Career Mode is an excellent challenge to ensure the success of teams with potential. In FIFA 18, there are several teams that, well managed, can reach the longed-for glory. Accept the challenge and take one of these teams to win the most important competitions. We have made a list of teams with potential from the most important leagues, which can surprise everyone. But if you want more facilities, you can also check out the richest FIFA 18 teams to build dream teams. If you are no longer playing FIFA 18, check out 8 challenging teams to start FIFA 19 Career Mode!

Challenging teams


Money: 56.7M In the Premier League, the most competitive league of all, Everton is in a position to surprise. In spite of having sold his great star Lukaku, many good players like English goalkeeper Pickford and Rooney, the former Manchester Utd star, entered. Still, there was a lot of money left to invest in new reinforcements for the team. It will be very difficult to win the Premier League, but if you buy the right players you can create a very strong team.

Valencia CF

Money: 48M In Spain, who dominates is almost always Barcelona and Real Madrid. But Valencia has players like Parejo, Rodrigo, Gonçalo Guedes or Zaza and many young players with potential. With the 48 million budget, you can hire players for the weakest positions on the team. Show that you can be the big surprise of La Liga and make Valencia champion again.

AC Milan

Money: 46M AC Milan is a historic team from Italy that has already won the Champions League. Unfortunately, the past few years have been very weak with Juventus' dominance. But there is much expectation that this giant will wake up again! The team has good players like defender Bonucci and promising goalkeeper Donnarumma. Still, if necessary, there is money for backup.

RB Leipzig

Money: 44M The team sponsored by Redbull has grown a lot in recent years, but still needs help to be champion of the German League. Timo Werner and Naby Keita are the stars of the team, but there are also many players capable of making a difference. Bayern are the dominant Bundesliga team and you will have a very difficult mission ... but not impossible.


Money: 30M In this challenge in France, you will have the millionaire Paris SG team as your main rival. Monaco are the only team that can break Neymar's team's unbeaten run. You have very good players in your squad like Falcao, Lemar, Fabinho, Tielemans and Subasic. Accept this challenge and build an even stronger team. With these teams, your mission will not be easy, so check out our 8 tips for mastering FIFA 18 Career Mode.

Teams with lots of money

Manchester Utd

Money: 149M That's right, despite Manchester Utd having a fantastic squad, they still have 149 Million to spend on players. If you take this team, you will be able to assemble the team you always dreamed of. It is possible to bring together the best players in the world at Manchester Utd.

Manchester City

Money: 132M Manchester City does not lag behind its rival Manchester Utd in the money available for transfers. There are 132 million to hire more stars to join the cast already composed by Kevin De Bruyne, David Silva, Sergio Aguero and other stars.

Paris SG

Money: 114.5M After signing Neymar and Mbappe, Paris SG still has 114.5 million to spend. It seems that the money does not end in Paris. All this to achieve the team's first Champions League. Take the team and achieve that dream.

Real Madrid

Money: 118.5M After winning the last two Champions League, Real Madrid still has a lot of ambition to make more history. In addition to having a squad full of stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Luka Modric and Tony Kroos, you still have 118.5 million to hire more players.


Money: 114M After losing Neymar, Barcelona have 114 million to hire new players for the team. You can repeat history and hire Coutinho from Liverpool or do it differently and hire another big international star. If you want to build a young team to dominate football for years to come, check out the most promising young players in FIFA 18.

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