You can't even imagine the end-of-contract stars you can get without paying the hiring! Check out the list of players whose contract ends in 2018 and 2019 and who can reinforce their team in Career mode. Remember that you can only offer a contract to these players during the January transfer season , six months before the contract ends. After you negotiate the contract and get the player, he will only come to your team on July 1st. There are several players over the age of 30 who are not part of a medium or long term plan but can do one or two seasons at a great level. However, there are also very high quality young players like midfielder Koke or goalkeeper De Gea. Some of these stars may ask for a very high salary, but if you coach a great team, this could be a great opportunity. If you don't want to wait for these players to end their contract, check out our list of 30 loan players that could be very useful on your team

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