Discover the advantages of Arena items in Hustle Castle

In Hustle Castle , you have access to a Tournament in which artifacts can increase your and your team's power, helping you to reach the main objective of winning powerful items. Discover all the items related to the Hustle Castle Arena and learn how to take advantage of them!

Buy items at the Arena store

This store sells the best items in the game. You can purchase them using Value Medals. Legendary items appear in the shop as soon as you upgrade your Training Room to level six or when all your soldiers reach level 40 of the tournament bracket. Although the prices at this store are very high, it is still one of the best ways to get legendary equipment . The items that are sold here will be updated every 14 days, so you can check whether your purchase is currently available or not.


These unique items can be purchased at the Arena store using medals of value. And they are very important, as they can give your team more attack power by summoning different units in certain circumstances. Soon, you will need these bonuses to reach the top ranks of the tournament. However, if you have more than one artifact with the same bonus, the extra attributes will not be accumulated, so it is a good idea to have only different artifacts equipped. Everything you need to know about Hustle Castle artifacts

Royal Chest

The real chest can be won at random when you reach the first three places after using a ticket at the beginning of an Arena battle. If you are strong enough, you can keep winning chests by winning battles and keeping one of the top three places. This will allow you to earn good equipment, including legendary ones. Royal chests have two to four epic items, one to two legendary items, five to ten tickets and 500 to 1000 worthy medals.


Tickets are won by first arriving at the arena or by opening a real chest. They are not very easy to win, since you need to reach the top ranks to get them. You can participate in battles in the tournament in exchange for tickets or food. With tickets, there are more chances of winning valuable medals or a real chest. Inside the royal chest, you can find legendary items, epics, medals of value and more tickets.

Medals of Value

These medals are used to purchase items in the Arena store and can only be earned when participating in the tournament. However, they do not disappear when you leave the game, so you can join to buy more expensive items without worry. Find out how to do well at the Hustle Castle Arena! This document has been edited with the instant web content converting tool which can be found at - give it a try.

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