You already know everything about Arena of Valor and now you want to find out which are the best heroes in the game? In this list, you will find the most ferocious characters, who in the hands of the right players are able to change battles thanks to their superiority. Meet the 9 most powerful heroes in Arena of Valor now ! Attention: the list has been organized in alphabetical order.


Alice is a winning choice in the Support class and you will quickly understand why. Its biggest strengths are the control of groups and the defense of its allies, being sensational to protect the team from damage with the use of powerful shields. In addition to these abilities, the adorable little girl also stands out for her healing ability and the movement speed bonus for her team.


Do you like DPS characters capable of doing impressive damage? So, Butterfly is your heroine. This Arena of Valor assassin is a fierce threat in both solo combat and group attacks. In addition to being a bloodthirsty machine, Butterfly has a skill set that includes recovering lost health and slowing opponents' movement speed. What's not to like about her? Want to play with Butterfly? Check out our heroine guide!


Don't let Lauriel's angelic appearance make you think she's not a threat. The supreme angel of Arena of Valor is a sorceress with high mobility and able to detonate enemies before they understand what's going on. Her passive (Divine Punishment) is proof of this, causing an unexpected late explosion in enemy targets hit while she recovers HP. Lauriel is one of the best choices for those who like to deal high magic damage, but do not want to compromise their mobility in battle.


Few heroes will be as capable in terms of mobility as Murad. The nomadic assassin of Arena of Valor uses spatial distortions and time jumps to attack enemies and quickly get out. Murad has two abilities (Another Dimension and Temporal Turbulence) that make it impossible to attack or become a target for enemies. Do you think this is insane? What if we say that he wins this while causing very high physical damage, steals life and reduces armor and movement of enemies? With Murad, time and space will never be the same - neither will your opponents. Learn to play with Murad: tips, build and items!


The fearsome executioner Nakroth is dedicated to his mission of pursuing and eliminating targets. This character represents the main qualities of a murderer: devastating damage and extremely fast movement. Thanks to these characteristics, it is difficult for opponents to evade the justice of your sword, especially with your ultimate Judgment's Blade. With this ability, Nakroth not only deals powerful damage whose last blow hits enemies in the air, but is also immune to control effects.


It is not every day that we see a wizard boxer knocking out enemies with his fists in fury. Raz is a killer magician specializing in persistent attack, with a constant and devastating aggression, even capable of launching a projectile from his hands (with the Power Surge ability). His skill set gives Raz the ability to maintain his energy whenever one of those skills hits his opponent. This is a hero who, in the hands of a good player, does not let any enemy escape easily from combat.


A ruthless champion, Ryoma is a perfect killer for fans of the constant attack. The warrior is ideal to press the lanes with his explosive style, being one of the best heroes in the mission to make his way to the enemy base. Thanks to his ultimate (Spectral Ire), Ryoma manages to destroy and exploit as little opponents as possible (such as wizards, assassins or snipers) as he progressively recovers his HP.


A sniper of excellence, Violet is a fearsome heroine thanks to the combination of her high mobility and her devastating capacity for damage. Violet is also specialized in the art of quickly eliminating opponents. With a passive that decreases the cooldown of one of her best skills (Tactical Fire), Violet is always ready to fire at enemies. She is the ideal choice for anyone who likes to do a lot of damage, and is probably the best character in the Sniper class.


Ready to meet a force of nature? Zill is a hurricane of epic proportions, a murderous wizard with the amazing speed of the winds on his side. Playing with this character is choosing an explosive style of play with the ability to shatter enemies. Zill is able to truly transform into a tornado with his ultimate, causing high magic damage while making it impossible to be a target for the opposing team. If you love to play in the jungle or gank enemies, Zill is a must. Learn all about the Arena of Valor maps and battle modes !

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