Clash Royale: how to spend my gems?

If you want to compete seriously in Clash Royale , you will have to spend gems. There is no faster way to level up and get the best cards. Obviously, you want to spend as little money as possible - ideally even none - and this guide will help you use your gems in the most efficient way.

First: know all the chests

  • Silver Chest (3 hours or 18 gems): contains few cards and common. There is a chance to get a single rare card and a very rare chance to get an epic or legendary one. This is the free chest you get every 4 hours.
  • Golden Chest (8 hours or 48 gems): most of the cards it contains are common, with some rare. There is a small chance of an epic or legendary coming out. These chests come out regularly in matches, after every 5 wins. Crown chests are actually gold chests.
  • Giant Chest (12 hours or 72 gems): it is like a gold chest, but with more cards. Contains common and rare and a small chance to come out an epic or legendary.
  • Magic Chest (12 hours or 72 gems): a mixture of common, some rare and few epic. It has a good chance of containing a legendary one. These chests are very rare, with a statistic of 1 in 75 wins.
  • Super Magic Chest (24 hours or 144 gems): contains many common, rare and epic cards. You have a very good chance of being a legend. This chest is very rare, with no frequency statistics.

Spend your gems on gold

This is usually the best option to spend your gems, especially if you don't want to spend real money on the game. This strategy has two advantages.

First, you can buy an epic card every day for 2,000 gold in the store . You can even buy more than one, but prices start to increase successively. Check out these calculations:

You need 500 gems to buy 10,000 gold, which you can then use to buy epic cards in the store. If you spend the same number of gems buying Magic Chests, at best you can get 500 gold, 50 common cards, 15 rare and 3 epic. Equivalent to 5 gold per common card, 50 gold per rare card and 2,000 gold per epic card, so you have a total of 7,500 gold. That is, it is 25% less than the gold you earn when buying directly!

In addition, the epic cards you buy in the store can be chosen by you , while the cards you win in chests are random.

The second reason for you to spend your gems on gold is to improve your cards , because at more advanced levels it will be very expensive. You don't want to wait to collect gold when you already have enough cards to make the improvement, do you?

Sometimes it's good to open your chests right away

Since the store only has one epic card per day costing 2,000 gold, you have other good options for spending your gems, more precisely opening chests instantly .

As we saw earlier, 500 gems in Magic Chests correspond to 7,500 gold. But if you spend the same number of gems simply by opening your Arena 10 chests, you will earn an average of 2 epic cards, 25 rare, 210 common and 1600 gold, spending the equivalent of 7,900 gold.

This is undoubtedly a better value than buying Magic Chests in the store, but it is still less beneficial than buying gold bags and with them an epic card a day.

Be generous and donate letters to your clan

In addition to buying epic cards, it also pays off if you buy the first four common cards and the first two rare cards in the store every day. These cards will then be donated by you to your clan. See the advantages:

Common cards will cost 18 gold. By donating the cards, you will earn 4 experience points and 20 gold in total, that is, you earn 2 gold and 4 profit experience.

For rare cards, they will cost you 96 gold. But if you donate them, you will receive 10 experience and 50 gold for each one. Which means a profit of 4 gold and 20 experience in total.

In the end, you will be left with a total of 6 gold, 24 experience and the friendliness of your clan mates !

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