In Free Fire, you can combine the skills of four different characters . Depending on your style of play, there are more effective combinations than others. Check out our guide and learn how to create the best Free Fire warrior using your characters.

Best Combinations for Solo Mode

These combinations work best for players who play alone and therefore need every possible advantage when jumping into combat.

Maxim, Paloma, Andrew and Shani

This combination is done with balance, focused on survival. Here, you add Andrew's greatest protection to Paloma's ammo-carrying capabilities. Maxim's abilities let the player heal his life quickly, while Shani uses his powers to recover his armor.

Caroline, Kelly, Andrew and Miguel

If you like to blow, you need to be resistant to shots, fast with medium range weapons and be able to recover from the fight quickly. This combination is for aggressive players, who seek kills without fear, quickly. Caroline or Nikita are good options to improve your recharge time while Kelly helps with your great speed. Andrew always offers some protection and Miguel recovers his energy if he gets kills, which is the goal of any rushador.

Ford, Kelly, Misha and Notora

This combination is for more strategic players, who prefer movement to aggression, valuing better score in the ranking and not so much the eliminations. Ford allows more resistance to gas, in the first moments of the match, allowing the player to loot with more time. Kelly is the fastest character, although her ability needs to be at its maximum to be really effective. If you prefer to use vehicles to keep yourself safe, Misha is irreplaceable. Adding Notora, it is possible to heal yourself simply by using a vehicle.

Alok, Hayato, Shani and Miguel

This combination is to beat and survive. Using Alok the player can move faster and regenerate his HP while fighting. Hayato's deadly ability with Miguel's ability gives the player a chance to risk everything and, if successful, recover. Shani regenerates the vest, between fights.

Best Combinations for Duo or Squad Mode

These combinations depend on the team to be effective. If you usually play with a friend or squad in a fixed way, these character combinations try to maximize the team's effectiveness. Moco, Alok, Andrew and Notora If you are normally the head of your squad, this combination allows you to quickly identify enemies for the rest of the team, using Moco's ability. If you transport your squad in a vehicle, it is ideal to have Notora, to heal the team. Alok and Andrew's ability allows you to stay in play longer, healing quickly and / or taking less damage. This is a good match for a Squad doctor role . Alok lets the player move fast and heal his teammates on the move. Olivia is more effective in healing, regaining more life, faster. Paloma's ability leaves the player with more space in their inventory to carry Medical Kits to the rest of the team. Andrew offers some protection, but you can replace him with Notora or Mischa if you prefer to use vehicles. This combination works even better if the player picks up a treatment pistol.

Rafael, Laura, Kelly and Miguel

This combination is for the Squad sniper. With Rafael, the player shoots silently for a few seconds and Laura allows for greater accuracy. Miguel's ability allows you to recover some life with each elimination. Kelly allows the sniper to move fast. You can switch to Alok, which, although slower, works well with your healing aura. If you like to beat, this combination is not very effective.

All Survival Skills

Kelly : Free Fire's fastest sprint. Olivia : Get extra HP for healing a companion. Ford : Less damage to the gas zone. Andrew : Bulletproof vest takes less damage. Nikita : Refills submachine guns (P90, MP40) faster. Misha : Drives faster and takes less damage in vehicles. Maxim : You can eat mushrooms and use medkits in less time. Kla : Ultra strong punch. Paloma : Transports AR ammunition without taking up inventory space. Miguel : Each elimination increases the EP bar. Caroline : Faster with a shotgun (SPAS, etc.). Antonio : Start the game with more HP. Wukong : It is camouflaged in bushes. Moco : Identifies enemies for a few seconds after shooting them. Hayato : The lower the HP, the more damage your attack does. Rafael : Silent shots for 8 seconds, cooldown 90 seconds. This ability is fixed to the character. Laura : Increased accuracy using crosshairs. A124 : Converts some EP to HP. This ability is fixed to the character. Alok : Creates an aura that increases speed and heals both the character and teammates. This ability is fixed to the character. Shani : Repair the vest with each kill. If not damaged, the vest increases the level, up to 3. Notorious : Recovers 5 HP every 4.5 seconds of the player and allies whenever inside a vehicle. As you can see, there are characters that we don't put on the list. There are several characters whose skill doesn't make much of a difference like, for example, Kla. Despite killing with just one punch, outside of the first moments of the game it is a practically useless skill, unless you are playing with bot. Also, matching characters depends on your style of play. Try out different characters you didn't see in this guide and come up with your own combination. The important thing is that it works for you. Remember that just combining characters is not enough, you need to master the weaponry, know the maps and be the last survivor. Share your combination by sending us a photo on Instagram at @ligadosgamesoficial!

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