24 bottles: You take out the bottle with the intention of catching a fish, when you are about to catch it change to another item and you will see that you have two bottles instead of the item you had used. 100 Skulltulas in one: The first requirement is to play with Link child to have access to the castle of Zelda, without being seen by the guards, so that you can reach the river that surrounds it. Then throw yourself at him and swim to the first corner you find. When you leave you will find a tree approaching about three steps apart and play the song of Song of Storms. If you do it right, a secret entrance will open inside the floor. Drop down and once inside the cave go to the second wall on the left, taking as a reference the point where you entered. Put a bomb so you can find a Gold Skulltula. Now instead of grabbing it as you normally would, place yourself behind the warp so that you have it within reach and can get out quickly. From there he launches the boomerang until it is destroyed and at the precise moment when the boomerang returns with everything and Skulltula, he advances to get out of the cave. If you did it correctly, the message that appears when you get it will not be completed. The good thing about this trick is that, even if the message is not completed, you will catch the Skulltula and it is best that it reappear in the same place. Now repeat the operation as many times as you want until you get the hundred Skulltulas ... and even more. Remember that after catching a Skulltula, before saving your game you notice that the spider reappears because if you save and it does not appear, the trick will not work again.

200 Rupees: Go to the Lost Forest as an adult and find the Skull Child to whom you sold the mask when you were a child. Kill him and you will get a reward of 200 rupees. Do not attack him with a jump or run away. Song of the Simpsons: Press    analog control + analog control +   (Z + analog control + ) x3 times, analog control + Deku Stik Strongest: When you grow up with the master sword and the biggoron sword (the big one that doesn't break). Reload the master sword (to rotate with power) at the time of the middle of the circle change to the big one and you will have 2 power circles that will end everyone as if they were 2 large, it serves for those who are killed with 2 strokes. Easy money: Get at least one bottle, catch in it a bug, a fish or blue fire. Now go to the Market (as a child) or Kakariko Village (if you are an adult) and show the bottle the bottle to the man who seems to be begging. It will give you from 50 to 150 rupees for what you carry. Sculptures: Go to the place where the castle entrance and a tree next to it Play the song to stop the rain and a hole will open. Once inside, with the boomerang, you catch the sculpture trying to leave and you will have one more sculpture. You can repeat the action as many times as you wish until you save the game to get many sculptures. Fairy that regains your energy: When you see a butterfly, bring a Deku Stick to it and, if it lands on it, it will transform into a fairy. Free Hylian Shield: Go to the Kakariko Village cemetery, find the grave that has flowers and open it. Enter it and you will find it. Free milk: First, make sure you have an empty bottle; then you just have to get in front of the first cow you find and play the song of Epona. More Deku Seeds: Go to the Market (as a child) and enter the store where you play target shooting. Win and increase your Deku Seeds capacity. Additional ocarina melodies: Press and hold Z while playing to produce flats and press and hold to produce sharps. You can also vary the pitch of a note by moving the control knob. Try it and start composing your own masterpieces with the ocarina. Never lose your Bugs: When you release some bugs use your bottle to capture one. Now look at your bottle and you will have 3 of them. Rupees: First you have to go to a place where you will find a fish and hunt it in a bottle, then we go with the big fish to Kakariko Village and we give the fish to the boy who is asking and he will give us 100 rupees. He will give us 100 rupees whenever we give him a fish. Have more than 4 bottles: First you go to a place where you can catch fish. Then you put a bottle in a C button and an item you DON'T want in another C button. Press button C on which the bottle is to catch a fish and when Link moves his hand, quickly press button C of the item you didn't want. Now you will have 5 bottles. In the house of the Kakariko Skulltula you can get many surprises every time you show up there after getting a certain number of gold skullas, there are 100 in total. You put a bomb to a gossipy stone and see what happens, you can also hammer it with the hammer to crush it and finally you can blast it with the sword to tell you the time. All Gold Skulltulas: There is a simple method to take all Gold Skulltulas. Go to the part of the castle where Talen dominated. You will find a tree at the opposite end. Stand by his side and interpret the song of the Storms. (This trick won't work if you haven't taken the Skulltula from the tree). Go down the hole and throw bombs against the walls. When you find the Golden Skulltula, throw the boomerang at it. Once the object appears, do not pick it up; Stay next to the teleporter. Go back down the hole and the Skulltula will reappear. Repeat the process until you have them all. Beat Ganondorf: Use the bottle to bounce its waves, it's much easier. Watch a strange animation: When you see a Cucco (hen) attack it several times and see what happens. Ultra trick: This trick only works only when you have arrived where Ganon. After killing Ganondorf and escaping from the castle, you fight with Ganon and at the start of the fight he removes your sword, then when you are without a sword quickly record the game. Now start playing again, you will appear in Ganondorf Castle. Without Sword and this will help you to do several things as long as you don't put the sword back on the button , which will be empty. Now without a sword you can do the following things: Get 21 boats: The first thing you have to have is a boat then you have to go to a place where you have something to catch (a fish an insect a fairy) whatever it is then press the C button where you have the boat and just after that (it has to be before the animation begins) press start and change the boat for any other object and press start again and link will do as if it had a boat and when you put again start the object will be a boat and so you can get 21 boats but like almost all bugs Do not record because otherwise, you will not be able to retrieve the object you exchanged for the boat. Badly hung spider: Approach a spider that hangs by a spider web. Then start hitting her with the sword. Now, this is going to wobble from left to right, when you see that she is on one side, launch the boomerang wait for the boomerang effect to end, and you will see a badly hung spider Falling through the sky: You must stand in front of a hole with the sword in hand, now hold down Z and run towards the eye, just when you are on the edge of the eye press and Link will give his sword attack with both hands and while you are Link will fall into the air and look like it falls through the sky. Note: This trick may not come out the first time, but trying to do it. The Wood loost without music: When you grow up, go to the bridge before Kokiri Forest, passing through the field of Hyrule, get in the center, looking to the left. Use the LongShoot to reach a ladder you'll see, and voila. Hitting yourself under water: Do the same as with the trick Hold a vase under water, but this time without a vase. Make Din fire underwater: In Lord jabu-jabu's wadding, next to the room where you find the spiritual stone, there is another room, inside there is a sponge surrounded by water, throw the boomerang and it will paralyze, get on and when this orange about to move, make the fire of Din and if it turns out the sponge will throw you under water. Invincibility: When you have gotten off the horse by squeezing a thing you will be invincible and you can hit your enemies without harming you. Play in first person: When you are down from the horse, take out the hook and shoot, then immediately press Din's fire button. Then the camera will approach Link's head and you can have a first-person vision. The head of Volvagia: This more than strange bug is funny, it is very simple, it ends with Volvagia and just when the head falls and you started to become the heart, focus the head and talk to Navi, you will see that he tells you about the monster Volvagia of the temple of fire says it is very dangerous. Invisible sign: Throw the Longshoot against a sign, and that one will fall. Then launch it again in the same direction, and the Longshoot will not pass the place where the sign was. Flying link: First you need certain selected items and these are: Arrows of light on the left button. (I don't know if it's really necessary) The time ocarina on the button below (necessary) The longshoot on the button on the right. (necessary) After having these items you can start the trick. First you must do the trick of the cane (you know how to go out with it) once you leave the place with the cane Do not touch any Button (that can make the game freeze) you simply move to link with the joistick and throw yourself into the water Once link is submerged by the impact of throwing you (preferably when you notice that link without pressing the button can not sink further) at that precise moment press and remove the menu but without recording if you did this well you will notice that when you leave the water in the Sword button there will be nothing and the C buttons will look as if they could not be chosen but if you can. At this moment you are ready for the second part of the trick simply with the ocarina you call Epona you ride on it and go (without leaving Lake Hilia) towards the dry tree that is above the temple of water (you remember the tree that sheik throws himself) well then you go to that tree once in that place still mounted on Epona and being completely still with the longshoot you aim at the tree and shoot if you did it right you will hear that the sound that the longshoot makes will not end (yes you see it in another way this would be the eternalshoot that is talked about so much) when you do that you simply get off Epona by pressing 2 times and you will see Link flying and with the joistick you move it wherever you want. Notes: You can move around the lake, this depending on the height at which you have pointed the longshoot the game will freeze if you touch the ground at any time. The only way I know to get off when you're flying is to let yourself be hit by a raven of those flying through the area, when they hit you it will look very curious because you will rise very high and fall apathetically if you want to do it again just ride in Epona and You do it again. Whatever happens, don't record the game because I don't know if this affects it. Fight against the current: You have to be swimming against any place that has a waterfall, except that of the Kokiri Forest, now, nothing as strong as you can and when you are falling down the waterfall, start giving the Stick forward and start Quickly squeeze without stopping, and you will see that Link draws his sword and seems to try to climb again. I measure taking care of the great dead tree: After the great tree dies, it gravels and resets. Then you will appear in your house, go out and find Mido taking care of the tree. Mill of Terror: After Dampe's career and after taking out the cube with the symbol of light, stay there and play the song of the storms, then climb at full speed and jump down the mill, wait a bit, when I finish the rain will hear the song of when you were doing the race with Dampe. Step on land just below a gerudo: The first thing to do is go when you are a child to the Gerudo Valley, now take the chicken and go to the bridge, as you will see, the bridge has four stakes on the sides, now, run in the direction of where the carp is big, you must Run to the stake that is in the direction of the tent that is there when you grow up, now, just when you jump, the control stick begins to recede into the air, but at the same time, you must direct the control towards the gerudo, the thing of all this is that you try to stay under the gerudo if you manage to stay, you will see yourself under the Gerudo and in a new terrain, now you can release the chicken, and you can even talk to the gerudo and if you talk to him, you can see his legs and when You finish the conversation, you'll see that Link mysteriously returned to the same place where Gerudo is. First person: When you use a weapon where the view changes to the first person press the weapon button and the Z button at the same time, you can only move to the sides and up and down and Link will appear, as if it were trimmed and stuck in the scene . Take out fishing rod: You must be an adult Link with a minimum of 20 rupees and the Hover Boots. Go fishing at the Fishing Pound, rent the fishing rod, equip yourself with the Hover Boots and get on the shore of the lake. Now walk a little towards the water so that you float on it; immediately press the button to launch the rod; While the hook goes in the air, you'll see that Link falls into the water. If you did it right, you will see that, while the hook is still in the water, Link will be able to walk and even yawn if you don't move it (normally this can't happen). To exit the Fihing Pound with the rod, you need a fish to bite the hook and when it is hanging, go to the door and press to exit. Once outside, you will see that the cane icon is equipped in the place of the sword. Note: This trick only works on the first Zelda cartridges (the gold ones and maybe some gray ones) since when they detected this error, the programmers corrected it for the other cartridges that went on sale. Be invincible for a moment: MOMENT To achieve this bug, you have to be in the temple of the spirit when you are an adult, now, go to the central room (where the statue is) and go through the room on the second floor, through which you When you are an adult, in that room you will see one of these as robots that throw rays through one eye, now, focus it and approach it and point it with the Longshoot, but when you do all this, he should not see you, approach him, but don't get attached to him, and when he looks at you and is going to throw you a blue ray, you try to throw the Longshoot and you will see that he hits you with the ray. If it worked, Link would stand a lot of time looking anywhere, as if you were not focusing and the truth is that you are focusing, and the robot will throw a lot of lightning and do nothing, but you can not move to Unless you turn the Stick a lot, you won't be able to use the weapons either, and sometimes, if you have anything left to do while the bug passes, sometimes Link automatically takes out the Longshoot and saves it again. Holding a vase underwater: In the domains of Zora, you should talk to the Zora of the rupee contest and play his game, when he starts, throw yourself through the waterfall and run to take a vase and into the same Zora of the rupee contest, stand next to him and when it takes about two seconds to finish the time throw yourself and the Zora will play the whistle when you are in the air and you will fall underwater with the vase in your hands, and when I finish talking to you, Link will go up to the surface and it will hit with the vase and it will break. Teleportation: When you have used a thing with which you instantly get off the horse (Ocarina and Spells) you can instantly teleport to the back of your horse by pressing no matter the distance whenever it is in the same sector. A ghost door: In the temple of fire, when you are in front of the door that takes you to the first monster that dances (to be more exact, the door that is after pressing the switch that lowers the fire that does not let you pass) places a bomb, now wait about 3 seconds and hit the door with the sword, you will see that when the door hits you, the bomb will have exploded and destroyed the wall that held the door, now you can go through the door as if it were a door ghost. Use all weapons even if you have mounted in Epona: Well you can actually use the hook only above Epona, because when using other things Link gets off the horse instantly except the pump and the hammer which he takes out but cannot use.

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