Traps and tips Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks PS2

Unlock characters in story mode

In the main menu, press and hold L2, without releasing it enter the code, release L2 to activate it. Scorpion: Sub zero: Mortal Kombat II Classic:

1000 easy points

Get the "Toasty" combo and then press . «Toasty 1000» will appear immediately on the screen and you will be rewarded with 1000 experience points

Unlockable characters

Baraka: In the portal of the tomb of souls, go to the area where there is a fence with two doors, enter the one on the right and use a blow of ruin on the statue in the place. Finally go out and make a good jump to enter the hole and get it Johny Cage: At Wu-Shi Academy, where everything is burning, go to the right of the door and jump to the roof of the house, run to the right and jump. If you do it correctly you will reach a platform. It can also be unlocked by getting all orbs in Story mode. Scorpion (Story Mode): Beat the game with Liu kang Subzero (Cooperative and Individual Mode): Beat the game with Kung Lao Reptile: Go to the section after the community of Darkness, jump through the waterfall and then enter through the door. Destroy the statues that will come alive and go to the Giant Stone Column. Grab one of the statues and throw it towards the stone to break it, return to the waterfall and you will find an object with its orb.

Easily get 1000 experience points

Get the Toasty combo and press Start immediately. Then Toasty 1000 will appear on the screen and you will have automatically obtained these experience points.

Find Kitana

On the second level of the MK2 arena (on the right, before reaching the platform with the two statues), on the evil level, you will see a few pillars, jump over the one that is half broken and make a double jump. You will find it in a small ledge.

Unlock the Mortal Kombat II arcade mini-game

Just complete all Smoke missions.

Fight against Ermac, Kano and Milenna

To fight the first you need the Fist of Ruin and Swing skills. Go to Wu Shi Academy and look for a big red bridge. Head towards one of the doors and you will find a statue of an evil monk. Break it and you will enter a new area, jump to the left and use Swing to get to a new place. There it interacts with the statue and the bridge doors will open. There you will see a warrior shine, examine him and fight against Ermac. To find Kano, go to the right shortly before reaching the end of the game, you will fight three bosses, talk with Kitana four times and destroy the room guards to reach a door where you will find him. Finally, to find Mileena, in the first area of the Living Forest,

New level

By defeating Hell Scorpion you will have unlocked a new absolute level.


Liu-Kang : Fatality 1: Fatality 2: Fatality 3: Fatality 4: Fatality 5: Fatality 6: Fatality 7: Fatality 8: Mutality 1: Brutality 1: Kung Lao : Fatality 1: Fatality 2: Fatality 3: Fatality 4: Fatality 5: Fatality 6: Fatality 7: Fatality 8: Fatality 9: Mutality 1: Mutality 2: Brutality 1: Scorpion: fatality 1 : fatality 2: mutality 1 : The HTML CheatSheet has its built-in editor where you can preview the document you are working on.

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