Cheats of Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (COD 4) for PC

Arcade Mode: Complete the game on any difficulty level. Cheat Menu: Complete the game on any difficulty level. Epilogue mission : Look at the final creatures to unlock the final mission. Options menu and activate it by pressing (o): Enter «thereisacow mushroom 1337» and press enter. Enter "spdevmap" now and press enter. Exit the game and load the map you want or start a new game. Use these codes: noclip: You go through walls and fly give all: All weapons. god: immunity. demigod: immune but the screen vibrates. notarget : invisible to enemies. give ammo: butt ammo cg_drawGun: take your weapon away. cg_fov: zoom with any arna. jump_height (x): Modify the default severity is 39. timescale (x): Modify the default time is 1. cg_LaserForceOn: Laser peephole in all weapons. r_fullbright : you will see things more easily. If you see all the credits when you complete the game, you will access an extra Epilogue mission Intel parts: Level: 2: 2 pieces intel 4: 2 pieces intel 5: 3 pieces intel 6: 2 pieces intel 7: 2 pieces intel 9: 3 pieces intel 10: 2 pieces intel 12: 2 pieces intel 13: 3 pieces intel 14: 2 pieces intel 16: 2 pieces intel 17: 1 pieces intel 18: 2 pieces intel 19: 2 pieces intel

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