Cheats of Age Of Mythology: The Titans Expansion for PC

Tricks: During the game press Enter and enter one of the following codes: 133T SUPA H4XOR: Build buildings much faster. ATLANTIS REBORN: You get the heroes of the expansion. ATM OF EREBUS: A thousand gold. BARKBARKBARKBARKBARK: You get a dog. BAWK BAWK BOOM: You get a power. CHANNEL SURFING: Jump to the next campaign scenario. CONSIDER THE INTERNET: Units are slower. DIVINE INTERVENTION: Returns all the powers used. FEAR THE FORAGE: Gives you a divine power of walking berry bushes. GOATUNHEIM: It gives you a divine power that turns all the units on the map into goats. I WANT TEH MONKEYS !!!!! : You get a lot of monkeys. IN DARKEST NIGHT: It's getting dark . ISIS HEAR MY PLEA: You get all the heroes of the original campaign. JUNK FOOD NIGHT: A thousand food. L33T SUPA H4X0R: Build buildings much faster. LAY OF THE LAND: Reveal the map. LETS GO! NOW! : Give the game more speed. MOUNT OLYMPUS: You get support. MR. MONDAY: Artificial intelligence better. OR CANADA: You get a Laser Bear. PANDORASBOX: You get four random powers. RED TIDE: Water turns red. RESET BUTTON: Remove all buildings from the map. SET ASCENDANT: Reveals all the animals on the map. THRILL OF VICTORY: Win the game. TINES OF POWER: It gives you a forkboy. TINFOIL HAT: Will randomly change possession of game units. TITANOMACHY: Provides a moment with titan. TR OJAN HORSE FOR SALE: Thousand wood. UNCERTAINTY AND DOUBT: Hide the map. WRATH OF THE GODS: You get the storm, earthquake, meteorite and tornado powers. WUV WOO: You get a flying hippo. ZENOS PARADOX: Gives you random powers.

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