AOE2 Age Of Kings Traps and Tips

Here are a series of aids and tricks of Age of Empires 2: Age of Kings for PC and that will certainly make the game much easier. As always, Trucoteca warns that when using these tricks, they may lose their grace over time and end up bored the game more, we always recommend playing without the use of these tricks but if you need help here you have it as you always choose.

Multiple aids

Click on the properties of the game icon and add any of the parameters at the end of the line in the Destination field to perform the Age of Empires 2: Age Of Kings trick: Example: C: / Program Files / Age of empiresII /Empires2.exe 800) 800 Change the resolution of the game and leave it at 800 × 600 pixels. 1024 The resolution of the game remains at 1024 × 768 pixels. 1280 Game resolution stays at 1280 × 1024 pixels. Be careful because here it is much harder to read the texts, although it looks better. AUTOMPSAVE This command causes the game to be automatically saved every 5 minutes or so. It is good if we usually forget to save. MFILL Trick that fixes some problems of black areas and unwanted lines that appear with certain graphic configurations. MSYNC Fixes problems in certain SoundBlaster AWE configurations. NOMUSIC Turn off all music. Replace the pointer with Windows. NOSOUND Turn off all sounds except those in animated scenes. BIGWOMAN A car like the big-daddy, but blank.


To introduce these tricks you have to press ENTER to type the words and again ENTER to activate the help: AEGIS Build faster. BIG MOMMA Sports car with missile launcher. BLACK DEATH Trick to destroy all enemies. CHEESE STEAK JIMMY'S You get 1000 in food. CONTROL + C Shows you the credits of the game. CONVERT THIS! Control of a very powerful priest. FURIOUS THE MONKEY BOY This tricks of Age of Empires 2: Age of Kings creates in the Urban Centers a killer monkey with a huge attack. GRANTLINKSPENCE Animals become animal kings. HOW DO YOU TURN THIS ON You get a Cobra car. I LOVE THE MONKEY HEAD Gives you VDML. IR WINNER You get the victory. KING ARTHUR Transforms eagles into Dragons Driver. LUMBERJACK You get 1000 in wood. FRAMEWORK Full Map. NATURAL WONDERS You control the time. PHOTON MAN Alien with laser. POLO Remove the shadows. POW Funny kid on a tricycle with a powerful gun. RESIGN You lose the game. ROBIN HOOD You get 1000 in gold. ROCK ON You get 1000 of stone. STORMBILLY Robots very powerful and strong. TO SMITHEREENS You get a saboteur. TORPEDO # Kill the opponent #. WIMPYWIMPYWIMPY You destroy yourself.

Secret Codes

AOE2 Age of Kings trick in which you have to press the following hot keys. To activate a code, use these keys in the game: CTRL + C See the end. CTRL + P Build indestructible structures. CTRL + Q Fast construction. CTRL + T New resource menu.

Increase the Population Limit

If you need more units, but the limit of your troops does not allow it, try this trick. Leave your population at 1 unit below the limit. Now you must ensure that you have a lot of resources, enough to build several units. Then you go to all the buildings you have where you can produce units, and quickly click on the icon you are making that unit. Do this about each construction as fast as you can, but this can only be done until the unit has been completed. On the other hand, the game will complete all the units you started! In this way (going fast enough) you will be able to exceed the limit by 10 units.


To take a citizen to the next life, select an individual and press ENTER . Then write MEDUSA and you will kill him. Then, citizens reincarnate in Black Knights; and the Black Knights become heavy catapults. The online Word to HTML converter lets you compose a clean and tidy code for your website. Please leave this message unchanged or subscribe for a htmlg membership.

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