Cheats from The Sims for PC

Code Console:

While playing, press the CTRL + SHIFT + C keys, then write the code you want: !: Repeat the last trick. ;, (semicolon): Use to separate several tricks at once. AUTONOMY #: Change the way the Sims think about themselves (1-100). CHRISTMAS: When night falls, Santa Klaus will arrive at your house. DRAW_ALL_FRAMES ON / OFF: Draw the frames. DRAW_ROUTES ON / OFF: Indicates the path of the selected character. EDIT_CHAR: Character editing . GROW_GRASS: Grass growth. HISTORY: See family history. HOUSE #: Autoload a house. INTERESTS: Change the personality and interests of your Sims. KLAPAUCIUS: A thousand dollars. MAP_EDIT ON / OFF: Map editor. MOVE_OBJECTS ON / OFF: Move objects. PREPARE_LOT: Review and fix the objects. PREVIEW_ANIMS ON / OFF: See previous animations. ROSEBUD: Every time you press! (admiration, semicolon) you will have 1,000 more money. ROTATION (0-3): Rotate the camera. ROUTE_BALLOONS: Status balloons. SET_HOUR #: Change the time of day to # (1-24), where grill is the number you put. SET_SPEED #: Game speed at # (-1000 to +1000), where grill is the number you put. SWEEP ON / OFF: See cut. TILE_INFO ON / OFF: Object information. WATER_TOOL: Turn your house into an island surrounded by water. Note: For these codes, we can deactivate them by changing On to Off.

Building castles in the air:

The second floors, and even the whole house, can be without putting a first floor underneath, it is enough to build a base with many columns, then a complete second floor is built - without any wall - and the pillars below are removed. Do not forget to place stairs, at least one before finishing the pillars.

Take the garbage without leaving home:

When a trash can is filled, simply send a Sim to take out the trash, as soon as he picks it up he cancels the action (he will leave the trash on the ground). Now you can pick it up again and put it in the trash, observing that curiously it does not fill up, with this you will not have to take out the trash anymore.

Do not pay bills:

Simply put yourself in buy mode, take the invoices (once they are on the floor) and put them where they cannot be placed (on the bed, on the armchair….) When they are there, press the ESC key and they will disappear.

Do not receive invoices:

Use the MOVE OBJECTS ON / OFF trick and take an invoice. Pressing DELETE will be deleted. If we delete the mailbox in the same way, no more bills will arrive.

Pay bills:

To pay only half follow these guidelines: Collect the bills, but do not pay until they arrive more. When the second ones arrive, do not pick them up, just pay the previous ones, when you go to the mailbox to leave the previous ones, the new ones will disappear without more, you can even wait for the bills that are out to turn red and you will take three bills at once paying only one.

Sims completely naked:

Press CTRL + SHIFT + C and then put this code MOVE_OBJECTS then send your sims to shower, press pause and move the shower and you will see your sims completely naked without censorship.

All bars 100%:

In the text box type MOVE_OBJECTS ON go to buy mode and delete to sell to a player. Then go to live mode and select the face of the eliminated player, in this way the player will appear with all the bars at 100% capacity. The disadvantage is that you lose your job (if you have one).

Get a car:

To get a car you have to enter the MOVE OBJECTS ON key and also one of your sim has to have a job, then you have to put a wall in front of your sim's work car (when it arrives from work or goes fence) and so the car will never leave, but you can't try to use it. will make everyone believe they are looking at a real Windows XP operating system, but the thruth is that this is just a simulator running in a web browser.

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