Cheats for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (GTA SAN ANDREAS) for PS3

If a sandbox that is already synonymous with freedom in its purest form adds tricks like the following, the fun obtained is priceless. Enjoy as never before San Andreas for PS3 with the codes that we put at your disposal. Remember that they work without pressing Start to stop the game , the game must remain active.

Armament, money and life

Number one weapon package: Weapon package number two: Weapon package number three: Get an extra income of 250,000 USD: Completely fill CJ's armor: You will automatically have one hundred percent your health bar CJ suicide, ideal to leave an area if you have been trapped: The protagonist of the game will be immortal:

Vehicle Catalog

Large truck: A dump truck appears: Pilot a Bloodring Banger, 'demolition derby' car: Be a golfer for a day driving a Caddy: Generate the fast Hotring Racer car Appearance of a Hotring Racer # 1 with tuned style Get a plane: Get a parachute in case you decide to get off the plane: Jetpack to fly manually: Long limousine: A powerful tank appears before you: Drive an elegant Romero: Ideal rancher to get around San Andreas: Spawn jetpack propeller trick:

Codes affecting CJ

Become a hyper-muscular character: Slim down to unhealthy levels: CJ will be an adonis and will attract everyone: Obesity is evident in the protagonist: CJ, visually, will resemble other pedestrians: All characters will respect the protagonist to the fullest:

Driving tricks

All cars have a higher speed: You will drive each game vehicle perfectly:

Police Search Levels

Change your search level to high: Reduce your search level: They will never find you:

Full maps of the entire game

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