Casino and Super Casino (Wishing Fountain) - Tips and Rewards

What exactly is Wishing Fountain (Casino) in case of Idle Heroes?

Note: Casino’s name has been changed to Wishing Fountain! The best way to turn the Wishing Fountain is to utilize the Wishing Coins (Casino Chips). One Chip gives you one turn. On the off chance that you are VIP 2 or above or above dimension 80, you can turn multiple times immediately with only 8 Chips. The odd of getting a 5? Hero in Wishing Fountain (Casino) is simply 0.1%. Henceforth, this is the most exceedingly awful spot. If you are searching for 5? Hero, rather, you should concentrate on different prizes. The Wishing Fountain (Casino) is an extraordinary spot for getting gold Gold, magic dust Magic Dust, soul Spirit, and beast soul Monster Souls. The higher your dimension is, the more rewards you get.

Inert Heroes Wishing Fountain (Casino) Rewards

Level gold spirit magic dust 01-40 10K 20K 30K 41-80 30K 60K 90K 10K 20K 60K 20 30 40 81-110 80K 160K 240K 30K 60K 90K 20 30 40 111-140 100K 200K 300K 50K 100K 150K 30 45 60 141+ 125K 250K 375K 50K 100K 150K 40 60 80 Subtleties for different prizes will be refreshed very soon. The measure of Gold/Spirit/Magic Dust on the wheel fluctuates after each revives. The possibility of getting the most reduced reward is 55%, the following one is 45%, and the most elevated one is 5%. Before you complete a ton of twists like amid the Casino Event, it is emphatically prescribed to investigate the measure of assets on the wheel. You need to make the most if your Chips, so you need to have the most noteworthy Gold/Spirit/Magic Dust and so on conceivable. In the event that your dimension is sufficiently high, you can likewise get 4 star dim saint shard 4 star light legend shard 4? Dark/Light Hero shards from the Casino Wheel too, which are additionally significant prizes you should focus on. They will enable you to finish the following Heroic Miracle Event significantly simpler. You can revive the Casino wheel for nothing once like clockwork. In the event that you would prefer not to pause, you can burn through 50 jewel Gems for each turn, and it isn't prescribed to do as such. You get a constrained invigorate following 24 hours from the last revive. There is a commencement clock on the screen appearing. On the off chance that you are fortunate to get some uncommon things, they will be shadowed, and you won't almost certainly get them again before reviving the Casino.

These are 4 Heroes accessible from the Casino Wheel:

Indeed, the shot of getting them from the Casino is just 0.1%

The Casino Store a.k.a Lucky Store

For each turn on the Idle Heroes Casino, you get 10x karma coin club symbol Luck Coin. On the off chance that you can complete 10 turns on the double for just 8 Chips, you will get 100x karma coin gambling club symbol Luck Coin. By utilizing Luck Coin, you can buy different things in Casino Store otherwise known as Lucky Store. It is situated at the upper right of the Casino screen. On the off chance that you don't care for the being appeared, you can invigorate the store for nothing once at regular intervals. On the off chance that you would prefer not to pause, you can utilize 50 Luck Coin to revive it. Price Items 500 karma coin gambling club icon courage hammer strength armorcourage boots fearlessness award 1,200 karma coin gambling club icon hunter crossbow seeker cuirass seeker boots seeker neckband 3,000 karma coin club icon elemental wand essential cape basic boots basic talisman 6,800 karma coin club icon staff of prescience robe of prediction boots of prediction ring of prescience 8,000 karma coin club icon idle saints lutz inert legends hallucination inactive legends fat-mu inert legends mythical beast slayer 10,000 karma coin club icon idle saints kharma inert legends od-01 inactive legends master balrog 12,000 karma coin club icon inactive legends eddga

What is (Super Wishing Fountain) Super Casino?

The Super Wishing Fountain (Super Casino) resembles a "super" adaptation of the ordinary Wishing Fountain (Casino). You should be in any event level 80 or VIP 3 to utilize the Super Casino. You can just turn the Super Casino wheel by using super chip Super Wishing Coins (Super Chips). 1 super chip Super Chip = 1 Spin. There are just a couple of approaches to get the Super Chips: Purchase in the Marketplace. 2xsuper chip = 500xgem Occasion day by day compensates. Occasion prizes. You can invigorate the Super Casino once like clockwork. On the off chance that you would prefer not to pause, you can revive it with 100xgem anyway I do not prescribe doing this. The wheel will be compelled to invigorate following 24 hours since the last turn, much the same as the typical Casino. Super Casino Spin doesn't tally towards the Casino occasions. It is prescribed to utilize a solitary Super Chip unfailingly. The odd of getting uncommon things in the Super Casino isn't generally low at all, so it is prescribed to turn a solitary Super Chip unfailingly. This is in such a case that you get some uncommon things at the principal turns, they will get shadowed, and you won't get the opportunity to get them again before invigorating, making the remainder of your twists is a waste If you turn 10 without a moment's delay.

Rundown of saints accessible on the Super Casino Wheel

inactive legends corpsedemon inert saints aidan inactive saints blood edge inactive legends walter inactive legends kamath inert saints jahra inactive legends fire strike inert saints iceblink inactive saints sigmund inactive saints miki inert saints valentino inert legends ormus inactive legends emily inert saints xia inactive legends evil spirit seeker inert saints Malasa inactive saints vesa inactive legends groo inactive legends rosa inert saints heart-watcher inert legends eddga inactive saints valkyrie inert legends lord barton inactive saints Margaret inactive legends Queen inactive legends kroos inactive legends karim inactive saints skerei inert legends dantalian inert saints barea

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