While in the Idle Heroes fights, you may have seen there are some status symbols showing up and vanishing over the heroes, isn't that so? So what are those? Blue symbols = buff. Red symbols = debuff.

Buffs Debuffs

Icon Description Icon Description

assault buff status Attack expanded by X% attack reduce Attack diminished by x% crit chance buff Crit Chance expanded by x% crit chance reduce Crit Chance diminished by x% crit harm buff Crit Harm expanded by x% crit harm reduce Crit Harm decreased by x% protective layer buff Armor expanded by x% armor reduce Armor diminished by x% protective layer break buff Armor Break expanded by x% armor break reduce Armor Break diminished by x% speed buff Speed expanded by x% speed reduce Speed decreased by x% hit buff Hit expanded by x% hit reduce Hit decreased by x% evade buff Block expanded by x% dodge reduce Block diminished by x% ability harm buff Skill Harm expanded by x% skill harm reduce Skill Harm diminished by x% sacred harm buff Holy Harm expanded by x% holy harm reduces Holy Harm diminished by x% decreased harm buff Reduced Harm expanded by x%

Harm After some time Impacts

Icon Description

poisoning Suffers Harming harm for X rounds bleeding Suffers Draining harm for X rounds burning Suffers Consuming harm for X rounds

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