What is Aspen Dungeon?

You can enter the Aspen Dungeon from level 72. It is found ideal alongside the Arena building. It opens once every 4 days, goes on for 48 hours. You can send 5 Heroes altogether to the Dungeon and attempt to get into it as profound as you can by battling diverse methods for beasts. After every 100 waves, you enter another dimension of the Dungeon with a lot more grounded beasts. Right now, there are 5 levels altogether: Easy; Normal; Difficult; Nightmare and Hell. After every 50 waves, you achieve another achievement. By that way, from the following Aspen Dungeon occasion, you will begin the diversion from that achievement. For instance, your own best in this Aspen is Easy #60. You will begin at Easy #51 in the following Aspen as opposed to going from Easy 1, giving a lot of remunerations just as a superior beginning stage. When you begin investigating the Aspen Dungeon with your 5 heroes, their details are snapshotted, which means all switches to their gears, stones, relics, levels and so on are not influenced the remainder of the occasion. So ensure your Heroes are taking care of business conditions before hitting the Start catch. At the point when the battle is finished, HP of heroes for the two sides will be spared and stay till the following fight. All harm is continued, in this manner utilizing mending Heroes in Aspen is the key. There are 2 different ways to recuperate your Heroes between battles: Hero Abilities: Having mending capacity in Aspen is essential. Heroes like Vesa, Ormus and so forth can keep their HP high after the battles. Utilizing Restore Potions. There are 3 sorts of remunerations you will get after each rush of beasts: A Chest containing both of these: 5-star hero shard diamond gold soul Hero advancement stone disarray stone beast soul enchantment dust A Potion which could be either Restore Poison (Angel Potion, Demon Potion, Mysterious Milk) or Buff Potion (Crit Damage, Damage or Crit Chance). A Vagrant Merchant that sells things.


Buff Potion Crit harm potion Crit Damage +2% control potion Attack + 1.5% crit potion Crit Chance +2% Reestablish Potion holy messenger potion 100% HP evil spirit potion 50% HP; Energy + 300 baffling milk 20% HP


There are 3 vagrant shippers in the Aspen Dungeon: The Handsome Boy, Baroness Lady, and the Old Lady. Fast Tips: Purchase all chip Wishing Coins from Baroness Lady and Old Lady. Purchase all field ticket Arena Tickets with Gold. Just purchase the pack of 10 Tickets with diamond Gems. The Old Lady sells 5xprophet circle Prophet Orbs for just 2,250 diamond Gems, which is the least value you would ever get so this is dependably an unquestionable requirement purchase. The Old Lady additionally sells 10xheroic gather scroll Heroic Summon Scrolls for just 1,250 pearl Gems, which is like the pack of 8 in Marketplace. Purchase this If you have a lot of extra Gems. Try not to purchase Hero Shards with jewel Gems.

Step by step instructions to Properly Progress In Aspen Dungeon

Our point while playing in Aspen Dungeon is to get the extent that we can, to the following achievement, for example, every 50 waves. This is critical in light of the fact that when you achieve another achievement, whenever with your partake in the Aspen Dungeon, the occasion will begin from that point. It will skirt the majority of the past waves, giving all of you of the prizes in a flash. You can visit the Aspen Shop at the upper right corner for purchasing things from the shippers which were "skipped" by the diversion. None of your Heroes isn't utilized for those skipped waves. Their HP and Energy remain. Next to picking the privilege Heroes for Aspen, utilizing Restore Potions successfully and effectively is the key here. To benefit as much as possible from them, you need to evade over-recuperating your Heroes. Suppose your Hero has 75% HP left, utilize the Mysterious Milk rather than the other two. Possibly utilize the Angel Potion when your HP is near 0%, or when you don't have whatever else to utilize. Additionally, recall that the Demon Potion supports your Energy so possibly use it when you face extremely intense adversaries that you have to utilize the expertise on the first round. There isn't an ideal equation for utilizing them appropriately. You will generally need to utilize your experience picked up in the Aspen to comprehend what mixture to utilize versus which adversary. In the event that you are another player, at that point, it's alright to play securely first and have your Heroes dependably at a respectable HP. Try not to be excessively careless If you have a decent recuperating Hero like Vesa in your grasp. They normally get slaughtered by solid Assassins like Walter or Blood Blade so dependably focus on those and don't waver to utilize the Demon Potions to cheat your Energy when you are at a respectable abnormal state. In the event that when you utilize the Demon Potion, your Hero's Energy is now full, the majority of the repetitive Energy originating from the mixture will be changed over into aptitude harm for the following ability enactment, which is additionally useful. For instance, If your Vesa vitality line is as of now full, regardless you can utilize 2 Demon Potions on her, making her next dynamic ability 200% more grounded. This is exceptionally useful when you need to get through a thick mass of Gerke or Norma. You will generally confront this at the Easy stage.

A few Tips For Getting Into Aspen Hell

I got into Aspen Hell by utilizing E3 Sigmund with Atk/Atk Stone + Fearless Gears + Skin. On the off chance that you use Vesa, utilize her to manage Blood Blades. She can clear them effectively with an evil presence elixir. I utilized E1 Vesa with Antlers stick Antlers Cane to one shot them. Additionally, solo Baade can in some cases crit excessively hard and execute Sigmund even at full HP so keep an eye out for that! Aside from that, each other stage ought to be really straight forward. No Demon Potions required for floors with: 4x Skerei 4x Asmodel 4x Karim 4x Margaret 1x Sigmund 1x Vesa What're more, numerous different floors

Tips for Clearing The Aspen Dungeon

Up until this point, 13 Heroes have been ended up being ready to totally clear Aspen Dungeon at E3. Here is the full rundown of suggested Stone and Artifact for them: Idle heroes asmodel 10 Stars Asmodel: Attack/Attack Stone; Spear of Destiny. Idle heroes Barea 10 Stars Barea: Attack/Attack Stone + Fearless Armor. Idle heroes Corpsedemon 10 Stars Corpsedemon: HP/HP Stone + Fearless Armor. Idle heroes Faith Blade 10 Stars Faith Blade: Crit/Crit Stone + Punisher of Immortal. Idle heroes Heart Watcher 10 Stars Heart Watcher: Crit/Crit Stone + Punisher of Immortal. Idle heroes Jahra 10 Stars Jahra: Attack/Attack Stone + Magic Sword. Idle heroes Karim 10 Stars Karim: Crit/Crit Stone + Magic Sword. Idle heroes King Barton 10 Stars King Barton: Holy Damage/Attack/HP Stone + Magic Sword. Idle heroes Mihm 10 Stars Mihm: Attack/Attack Stone + Augustus Magic Ball. Idle heroes Sigmund 10 Stars Sigmund: Holy Damage/Attack/HP Stone + Antlers Cane. Idle heroes skerei 10 Stars Skerei: Crit/Crit Stone + Magic Sword. Idle heroes Valkyrie: HP/HP Stone + Fearless Armor. Idle heroes Vesa 10 Stars Vesa: Crit/Crit + Antlers Cane [or Attack/Attack + Fearless Armor] Idle heroes Groo 10 Stars Groo: Attack/Attack + Fearless Armor.

What Are The Aspen Heroes for New Players?

Note: S Tier Heroes can get through practically the majority of the Difficult waves. Top Tier Heroes can get through a large portion of the vast majority of the Normal waves. Fundamental Tier Heroes are for new players, which can enable you to get past the Easy stage. This rundown is simply founded on my experience up until now so don't delay to remark and impart your considerations to us. This rundown is for Aspen as it were. An S Tier Hero in this mode isn't the best in other amusement modes. Expecting S Tier Heroes are each of the 10 stars.

S Tier Heroes For Aspen Dungeon

Idle Heroes Vesa 10 Stars

Vesa She is unquestionably a standout amongst the best Aspen Heroes, a healer who can complete an immense measure of harm. A 10? is sufficient to get you to Nightmare easily.

Idle Heroes Karim 10 Stars

Karim He is, in fact, insane in Aspen as he can essentially do huge amounts of harm while mending himself marvellously. His support is sufficient to enable you to get through a lot of waves in the Nightmare stages.

Idle heroes Sigmund 10 Stars

Sigmund He may be bad in PvP. In any case, in PvE and Aspen, he is a god. Since he doesn't have any mending capacity for his own, you should utilize him with a harm decrease relic and utilize the Reestablish mixture astutely. He will for sure help you get a lot further in the Aspen Dungeon. He himself can without much of a stretch get out a large portion of the waves in Nightmare arrange.

Idle Heroes Gerke 10 Stars

Gerke He resembles a Norma-god with the very astonishing range of abilities that develops huge amounts of Holy Damage to get through practically any divider. The mend self capacity is moreover Different S-Tier Heroes That I Don't Need To Explain Because They Are Just So Good Idle heroes Valkyrie 10 Stars Idle Heroes FB 10 Stars Idle Heroes King Barton 10 Stars Idle heroes heart watcher 10 Stars Idle heroes mihm 10 Stars Idle heroes jahra 10 Stars Idle Heroes skerei 10 Stars Idle Heroes barea 10 Stars

Top Tier Heroes For Aspen Dungeon

Idle heroes blood cutting edge

Blood Blade A great Aspen hero that bargains huge amounts of burst harm. He additionally mends himself pleasantly subsequent to murdering the adversaries. You possibly need to focus on him when he faces a mass of solid adversaries as he can't support the HP and doesn't have enough harm to murder them all.

Idle Heroes dominator

Dominator He may be not a decent decision in different play areas. In any case, with his 38% stop possibility, 600% mend and 112% recuperate from each assault, he is more than not too bad for the Difficult waves. He doesn't have enough harm to overcome dividers tho.

Idle Heroes lutz

Lutz Investigate his third expertise. It gives him the 400% assault mend for 5 back to back rounds which is crazy. Likewise, the 40% Armor Break is superb at breaking dividers. Note: His third expertise possibly activated when he is beneath 80% so focus on that and dependably mend him above 80% before the following round!

Idle Heroes corpsedemon

Corpsedemon A notable tanker in Idle Heroes with huge amounts of HP. He isn't great at beating foes which have to recuperate. Anyway, he is phenomenal at beating the main waves.

Idle heroes dantalian

Dantalian Mend self while taking harm. This gives him an extraordinary continue for Aspen. Not great at breaking dividers tho.

Idle heroes groo

Groo This inconceivable meat-shield can without much of a stretch convey you to Difficult when utilized appropriately. He can go without much of a stretch arrangement with 4 Blood Blades on the double. His mending capacity piles up after some time. Nonetheless, he can't decimate an immense mass of HP like Gerke. You need heroes like Sigmund to get past that.

Idle Heroes ruler balrog

Incredible at single-focusing on. Pleasant self-recuperate capacity. He is an extraordinary tanker which can continue. Not extraordinary versus dividers.

Idle Heroes eddga

Eddga Simple to get the duplicates, very underestimated, incredible for Aspen. He can recuperate himself and buff himself for the possibility to clear huge dividers.

Idle Heroes asmodel

Asmodel Great Hero in Aspen. Pretty tanky. He could set down bunches of crit for breaking dividers. He is like Sigmund however not as great.

Idle Heroes Michelle

Michelle High harm, can target 4 foes without a moment's delay while recuperating herself. Safe to CC.

Essential Tier Aspen Heroes

Idle Heroes norma

Norma Norma is dependably a great decision for new players. Getting her to 6? at the early diversion is very simple as we as a whole begin with her toward the start. She can bargain with extraordinary harm and mend when both managing or taking harm. At 9?, If she is the most grounded one in your group, you can progress without much of a stretch total the Brave Trial constantly. At that point, you can utilize her to feed later.

Idle Heroes starlight

Starlight Really like Blood Blade however somewhat more fragile. She is additionally an extraordinary decision for novices as everybody has her after the initial 30-day login reward.

Idle heroes ormus

Ormus The best healer in the diversion. Nonetheless, he isn't incredible at breaking dividers, and he can bite the dust in all respects effectively to Blood Blades.

Situational Heroes

These Heroes are phenomenal If you utilize the cheating trap referenced above with them to get through dividers Idle Heroes walter Idle heroes baade Idle Heroes iceblink Idle Heroes illusion Idle heroes barea Idle heroes Queen Idle heroes Malasa Idle Heroes evil presence seeker Idle heroes nondescript Idle Heroes das-moge Idle heroes amuvor


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