All codes codes and tricks - Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) for PS4

All the Keys, Codes and Tricks of GTA 5

All the keys, codes, tricks, tips… from Grand Theft Auto V with which you can have fun, pass the game faster and do what you want in GTA 5. Get infinite money, super jumps, moon gravity, online weapons , weapons and health, infinite weapons, advanced weapons, control animals, online money and much more. All the tricks and keys of GTA 5 for PlayStation 4. Maximum Health and Armor: GTA 5 weapon and health trick. With this code you can increase your armor and health to the fullest. Invincibility: This invincibility trick lasts 5 minutes and is not valid for vehicles, only for Trevor, Michael and Franklig. Trick to get All Weapons: This trick to get weapons is not a trick of GTA 5 of Weapons Online. It is to get weapons in story mode. Enter this trick as many times as you want to get infinite weapons in GTA 5.

All Weapons of the Map

Location of all the weapons that are available on the map and that you can get by simply going to each point indicated in the video. Trick GTA 5 advanced weapons. Trick GTA 5 Super Jump: Lunar Gravity: Trick of GTA 5 lunar gravity. With this code you can float and make super jumps as if you were on the moon. Get Parachute: Trap to increase special level: Key to get fumigator plane: Cheat / Cheat to get the stunt plane:

Tank and Hunting at the start of the game:

This video shows you how to get the Tank and the Hunt as soon as you pass the prologue of Grand Theft Auto 5. You just have to follow the steps of the video to go to the military airport and be careful when the missiles are fired at you. How to get the Buzzard Helicopter: Key to get the Sánchez (Moto) field bike: Code to get the Garbage Truck: Comet (Car): Cheat Driving a Limousine: Rapid GT car: Code to unlock the Golf Caddy: Key to get a Bike (Bicycle): Increase Police Search Level: With these Grand Theft Auto 5 tricks you can increase the level of police search. Decrease Police Search Level: With these tricks you can decrease the level of police search. Change the Climate: Trick to change the weather in GTA 5. To change the weather again, we just have to re-enter the password and rotate between the different types of weather that can happen in Grand Theft Auto 5 Sliding Cars: With this trick we can make vehicles slip much more than construction. Code to get drunk:

Get drunk trick:

We show you how the Trick works to get drunk and feel the true effects of alcohol in GTA V Cheat Run Faster: Explosive punches: Explosive Bullets: Trick to go to Slow Motion (repeat to rotate between the 4 speeds): There are 4 different slow motion speeds in GTA 5, to rotate between the 5 speeds, we just have to enter the code again. Aim for Slow Motion:

Slow Motion Trick:

Video trick in which we show how the Trick works to go in slow motion in Grand Theft Auto 5. Flaming Bullets:

Flaming Bullets Trick:

We show you how the Trick works to make your bullets flaming in Grand Theft Auto V. Get Moto PCJ 600: Cheat Swim Faster: Moon Gravity: Swim Faster: Ability to Reload: Freefall:

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