8 tips for mastering FIFA 18 career mode

To become a successful manager, you have to learn these tips to exceed all expectations. The team management is counting on their good performance to regain the glory of the team! Besides knowing how to play FIFA 18 well, in career mode you have to be able to manage the team in the best way. It is much more than hiring good players. Check out our tips now!

1. Take a team with lots of money

Team Championship Money
Manchester Utd Premier League £ 148.9m
Manchester City Premier League £ 132m
Paris SG Call 1 £ 113.4m
Derby County EFL Championship £ 105.6m
Real Madrid LaLiga Santander £ 87.8m
Chelsea Premier League £ 82.2m
FC Barcelona LaLiga Santander £ 81m
Armory Premier League £ 79.8m
Juventus Calcio A £ 79.2m
Bayern Bundesliga £ 79.2m
It is inevitable to choose a millionaire team if you want to assemble the cast of your dreams. If you don't want to worry about money, you can start playing with Manchester United, Manchester City, Paris SG, Real Madrid or Chelsea. The big surprise among millionaire clubs is Championship Derby County, second in the Premier League. The club owner is swimming in cash and you can take this opportunity to accept this interesting challenge. Meet the most challenging teams to start Career Mode!

2. Hire good and cheap young promises and players

You can play FIFA 18 very well, but without good players you won't have the best team ever. Even if you have a lot of money, you have to hire good cheap players and young promises that will greatly develop your skills. Check out this list of the best promises that can become the best FIFA 18 players. You should also be on the lookout for good and cheap players who can play right away with good performance.

3. Send scouts to Brazil and Argentina

If you can't find the ideal players for your team, send your scouts quickly to Brazil and Argentina. These are the two countries with the most talent for different budgets. You can filter the characteristics you are looking for to find the perfect player for your cast.

4. Build a big, tough team

Remember that seasons are very long and your players can't handle playing every game. So don't use all your money on 11 players and consider hiring players to run in all positions. We also recommend that you always buy players with good stamina. These players will make many more matches and it will make a big difference in the various competitions that exist in each season.

5. Don't ignore workouts

Training is an excellent way to improve the characteristics of your players. Do not waste this opportunity to improve their weaknesses. If you want to reach the maximum potential of promising players, you will have to invest a lot in training. Players also evolve with matches, but with training it will be much faster.

6. Listening to players and deciding well

Often players who do not play will show that they are not satisfied. If players have potential, it is always worth giving them some opportunities to show their value. However, there are weaker players that have no place on your team and that you must transfer when the market reopens. There is no point in spending money on high wages of players who don't play.

7. Try different formations and tactics

We know that everyone always has a favorite formation, but in career mode you will have to be more versatile. Think that if you have fast attackers on the team, the 4-4-3 formation may be more valuable than the 4-4-2. Even small details of the tactic itself can bring much value. The ideal is to try another training when the current one is not working. You also should not be ashamed to use a defensive tactic when playing against a team far superior to yours. Check out the best FIFA 18 formations and tactics!

8. Try to meet expectations

You as a manager have the mission of fulfilling the team's objectives and, if possible, doing better. If you want to secure your job, you will have to focus on the expectations of the team's board. It is not always possible to achieve all objectives, but always try to make good progress to be close to achieving them.

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