Fortnite Battle Royale is a game where you start with nothing and have to survive anyway. In each match, there are 100 players on the map, whether squad, duo or alone, and everyone wants to get the Victory Royale - be the last survivor. Despite being a Battle Royale style game, Fornite has challenges that may take a while to master. If you are a beginner and want to start your Fornite shooting and construction adventures with style, take a look at our guide.

1. Fall into the right place

Know the map of Fortnite well. There are places most likely to pick up gear and chests. There are also places where it is easier to defend against an attack or ambush. Tortas Torres , for example, is an area where a beginner will surely be shot down in seconds. Learning to recognize the best zones on the map is essential, as is mastering your hang gliding. Strategy : Observe the plane's route. Jump in a location that is away from the route or, if impossible, jump to one end of a most visited area.

2. Take everything you can

The only equipment each player has when jumping from Vinderbus is their collection tool. As soon as your feet touch the ground, grab loot quickly. What is loot? Loot is equipment that keeps you in the match. The essential thing in those first few seconds is to get a gun. Then, if you're still alive, try taking shields, bandages, more weapons, and finally supplies like stone, wood, and iron. Give priority to treasure chests . Remember that they play a little song when you are near one. Strategy : Grab a weapon to defend yourself as soon as you land. Be fast moving and keep your ears and eyes alert to catch the chests before other players.

3. Keep moving

Don't stop even a second! Jump, run and change direction to avoid becoming an easy target. It is very difficult to camp in Fornite because of the game's own design and the ability to build. So keep moving if you want to stay alive. This includes the time you spend reloading, healing, or shooting. Strategy : Be unpredictable in movement and never stop in the open.

4. Building is the key

Building (and destroying) is Fortnite's big difference from other Battle Royale games. You can get cool weapons and even have good aim, but if you're not quick to build, you can't win. By building you can reach inaccessible locations and in the final rounds of the game you can create your own protection. Train your ability to build by jumping in a quiet area of ??the map and testing its speed. Just as building, breaking a roof or wall is a great way to get in or out of a building. Strategy : Get enough supplies and start building quickly . Try to pick up supplies in large quantities by felling large trees, trucks or rocks. Be quick to build.

5. Try all the weapons

Each Fornite weapon has a different type of shot. Learn how to fight with all weapons , because you never know what you can catch first in the match. Some weapons are better than others for certain situations. Precision rifles dominate over long distances, while shotguns are the melee queens. Always try to have assorted weapons in your equipment to be prepared for any scenario. Strategy : Keep a weapon for long shots and another for close combat. Immediately replace your weaponry whenever you find it best.

6. Keep your backpack tidy

The amount of items you can carry in your backpack is limited: 5 spaces divided between weapons, healing items and shield items. Construction supplies do not take up space in your backpack. The ideal is to keep everything balanced for all situations. Keep a weapon for close combat, one for ranged shots, and if found, a weapon that uses explosives. Save room for healing items like bandages or medical kits and one for your shield. Don't pack your bag with unnecessary or repeated items (unless you like to double pump, you rascal!). Strategy : Consume shield immediately after collecting. Bandages are good, Medical Kit is better, Turn is perfect. Do not store similar weapons. Learn more about Fornite items

7. The storm! Run!

Don't get caught off guard by the storm, keep an eye on the mini map and calculate the distance you need to travel to escape. The shield will not protect you from the storm. Do not forget that the terrain may have obstacles such as mountains and rivers, which may slow your movement. As the game goes on, the storm gets stronger and stronger. Strategy : Don't wait until the last minute to start running to a safe zone.

8. Play with friends

Playing with friends in Duo or Squad mode is advantageous for the beginner. Your character is knocked out, which is slightly better than being eliminated as it can be healed by a member of your team. Plus, there are more eyes on the ground and more weapons available to fight. Solo mode can be brutal, remember it's you against 99 players. Team playing will gain you some experience and better master construction and weaponry. If you have no friends available, you can always join an automatically created group. Strategy : Initially try playing in duo or squad. Help your team and it will help you.

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