There is a very fun type of game known as a building game. In this genre are included several games, ranging from SimCity to House Flipper, through Life is Feudal. There are several very fun titles for those who have that footprint more in architecture, engineering or design. So see in this article a list of the 8 best home building games available for the most varied platforms!

1. House Flipper - PC

Your chance to try a new profession
Let's start with a game that is related to the construction area, but not exactly to build. In it you take charge of a businessman who renovates houses falling apart. After that you must sell them to buy other buildings. Basically you are in your office and receive a call from a customer. You are a handyman who will have to paint, repair plumbing, electrical mains, clean and decorate that person's home, making it perfect for living. The more missions inside the houses you perform perfectly, the more alternatives to make the houses perfect. A fundamental point of House Flipper is the freedom that the player has to leave the residences the way he wants. The mechanics are super simple, intuitive and easy to master. The game is not fault-free, with some strange bugs at certain times. But nothing to stop this from being one of the most amazing simulators of recent years.

2. Construction Simulator - PC

Be the king of cement in Construction Simulator !
Construction Simulator is from the same company responsible for Farming Simulator and other famous simulators . For that reason alone you can expect a high level of quality in this game. Here you take on the role of an engineer or contractor, who gets his hands dirty and builds buildings from scratch! The graphics, as is common in games made by Astragon, are beautiful. And it's fun to drive backhoe loaders, trucks and more than 40 vehicles to meet the deadline and deliver the construction to perfection. Something very interesting about Construction Simulator is that it is open world. That is: you can travel from one building to another to check that everything is being done as planned. For anyone thinking of pursuing a career in construction, this is a perfect simulator for you to confirm that this is really your thing.

3. Life is Feudal: Forrest Village - PC

Build a Game of Thrones village
Imagine a mixture of Skyrim with SimCity and even with House Flipper . All of this results in a very interesting mix called Life is Feudal: Forest Village . If you enjoy games with medieval themes you will surely love this one which is one of the most fun on this list. The game can be played from two perspectives. The first and main is that of the builder. You build your medieval village, building houses, plantations and everything your small town needs. The other is controlling the inhabitants of the village. You take on the camera in the first person and can do various activities, such as hunting, planting, going to the mines or fishing. Very interesting that humans are divided into children, adolescents and adults. Teens need to go to school while adults work. Its inhabitants can retire, become ill, among other possible consequences of medieval work. Many can starve to death if you cannot feed them. In the end, this is a more complete game , as you not only build but also live the lives of the residents of your village.

4. The Sims - PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android and iOS

The coolest part of The Sims is building your house
The classic of the classics could not be missing! No matter what version of the game you want, can or will play: the construction theme is strong and is one of the coolest parts of the game. Who has never spent days building a mansion and then putting it aside and going to build it in another neighborhood? The fun gets even bigger when the player has access to the expansions. They add dozens or hundreds of decorative objects, wallpapers, furniture and everything you can imagine. Anyone who likes building games must play any version of The Sims . Best of all, after so much effort in building your home, you can enjoy your comfort. Learn how to build your home in The Sims 4 TS4- like games for weak PC 8 tips for doing well in The Sims 4

5. SimCity - PC, Android and iOS

Beware of chaotic traffic
Talking about The Sims and under construction requires talking about SimCity . The franchise has been running for two decades and remains firm and strong, being one of the best of its kind. It is prevalent on the PC, but already has versions for Apple and Android smartphones . In all the games in the series you build a mealópole from scratch, assuming the role of a Mayor. It is a very educational, instructive and full of strategies game. Computer versions are super complex, containing hundreds of possibilities and actions to be performed. Keeping a city growing and with all its population at a high level of happiness is a very difficult task. Anyway, it is a highly recommended game for those who love the simulation genre. You can stay for months in one city, which guarantees fun with no expiration date. 10 tips to build the best city in SimCity Build It All Cheats for SimCity 4!

6. Castaway Home Designer - PC, Android and iOS

Castaway Home Designer is ideal for entertaining kids
This game has become popular, especially among smartphone owners , as it is free on cell phones. Castaway Home Designer is very colorful and flashy, allowing for more than one type of gameplay . You can build all the houses in their structure, besides taking care of each internal room of the residence. There are more than 1000 items of interior decoration for you to purchase. That is why lovers of interior design and architecture need to play this title urgently. Children and teenagers can also have fun with the game , as it is light, has easy controls to be mastered and can even be an educational game in some points.

7. Cities: Skyline - PC

The graphics are perhaps the most impressive of all in Skyline
Cities: Skyline is very similar to SimCity , it's true. Many critics consider this to be an evolution of the EA game, and at many points define Skyline as a superior game . The graphics are excellent, the mechanics are functional and almost all the options seen in SimCity that were a success are there. If you like random events, like natural disasters, you will be disappointed. Skyline does not have this functionality, which frustrated some players. But nothing that gets in the way! You still have hundreds of things to do in your city. From building construction to managing the needs of the population. This is certainly a must have for anyone who is a fan of city building simulators. Check out some mods for Cities: Skyline !

8. Minha Casa: Design Dreams - Android and iOS

To pass the time is a very cool game
This is one of those casual games that have a lot of fans. Available for free for smartphones , it gives the player the possibility to build houses in the most diverse scenarios. It can be in urban locations, in the countryside and elsewhere. You will unlock new spaces as you progress through the game. This is a cool thing, the progression system. It is necessary to meet challenges and even phases, and in some you can see that the game has a narrative basis. If you're a fan of Candy Crush , then it's a full plate! There is a minigame very similar to this game, in which you must make combinations of objects to obtain more items for your collection. All for free and without unnecessary charges to evolve your fun.

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