Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is the world's first RPG developed by JK Rowling. It's a fan service that everyone in love with the wizard's books and movies had been waiting for a long time. Best of all, it's a completely free game available for Android and iOS. The only problem is that it is not such a simple game to progress. Patience and sometimes money is what you need to keep evolving in the Hogwarts Mystery narrative . If you have the first but don't have the second, we can help you. We've prepared some simple tips to make your days at the world's largest witch school a fun experience.

1. Accept that the energies run out

Yes, we know that the Hogwarts Mystery energy system greatly complicates the experience. Just about everything you do requires spending your energy balls. Usually a complete mission, depending on its importance, will consume almost all of your reserve. The worst is when it happens in the middle of a class! The key, however, is not to be frustrated and not to despair. This is the system, and there is not much to do about it. Wait for your reserve to refill and take a break from the game. Drop the phone, go read a book, have a snack. The idea of ??the producers is that Hogwarts Mystery really was a hobby style game.

How to gain more energy?

It takes an average of 100 minutes, just over an hour and a half, to regain your energy points. For some it's a long time, so the game allows you to get extra balls. One way to get more energy is by finishing exercises and classes. Sometimes, unfortunately not always, there is the option of choosing extra energy as a reward. This may be the hard way, so don't count on her too much. A second option is to interact with certain points of interest scattered throughout the castle. See below which are:
  • Towers in the East section : In this part of the castle there are two points. The second painting, starting from the entrance near the Spell classroom is one of them. Peeves, Peeves in English, floats through this region. Click on it too to gain energy points.
  • Towers in the West section : Near the Monitors' bathroom is a whiteboard, which is the first departure from the entrance.
  • Lower East : A stack of books on a bench.
  • Lower West Walking : Again there are two points here. The first is a torch on the right side of the Great Hall entrance. The statue holding a sword is the second point. After clicking on it, it will use a shield. Whenever you have the weapon you can get the energy.
  • Dungeons : There is almost always a house elf lurking near the Potions room. Click on it.
  • Castle grounds : There is a stick on the ground on the second path you follow.
  • Hogsmeade : Click on the boy holding a sled.

Can you increase the maximum power limit?

In your first year at Hogwarts you can increase your energy limit by three points. This is possible from flying classes. So it is a good idea to prioritize these classes to the main missions at first.
Witch money has a single purpose in Hogwarts Mystery , which is to buy clothes and other items for your character. It is with coins and rare gems that you personalize your wizard or witch with very unique things. While some specific clothing and accessories provide attribute points, it is ideal not to focus on making money as a reward. There are many ways to earn coins in the game, but not so much attribute points. They are mostly provided when you complete classes. Each teacher gives you a unique type of attribute, which can be Courage, Wisdom, or Empathy . Having high levels of these points is important to unlock dialog options that will be most useful to you. We stress, however, that in later years at Hogwarts make the mission of winning these points more difficult. Since you will have accumulated good money, you can buy outfits that will boost your attributes.

3. Understand the dynamics of duels

One of the most fun parts of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is dueling. The system created for the game is simple, not as challenging as it could be, but still pretty cool. It is divided into two parts: the first is a " rock, paper and scissors". Whoever wins in this part can then perform an action. In the first part you should choose between Aggressive, Defensive and Sneaky. Pay close attention here. If you choose Aggressive, you will defeat Sneak but lose to Defensive. Sneaky positions overcome defensive positions and lose to aggressive ones. Understanding this dynamic is essential.

Pay attention to opponents dueling style

Ben will almost always be defensive, while Merula will often take aggressive or sneaky positions. But this will not always be so. So pay attention to how the duelist behaves in that particular duel. The clashes do not resolve in one or two movements. In fact, sometimes they take too long because duelists are studying each other. Take it easy and always try to predict the opposing movements. It is the best way to become a winner in the first part of the duel.

Take action

The action part is the easiest. Your attitude will be related to the position you chose in the first section of the duel. 

4. The time you play is important

Many missions have a tolerance of up to 8 hours to complete. In addition to yielding better rewards, they allow you time to regain your energy. In this regard, it is important that you choose the right times to play these missions. Think about what your daily life is like. Try to plan the game so that in these 8 hours of the mission you can play every hour and a half. Since this is the time it takes more or less to fill your energy bar, in 8 mission hours you can finish it with maximum success.

5. Be smart to win the Home Cup

It is not enough to be a good student to win the Home Cup in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery . Of course, getting all the questions right, making the right spell moves in class is essential, but not enough. More needs to be done to ensure your home is the winner by the end of the year.
Another thing is to pay attention to the choices of the dialogues. Choosing the right answer depends on what you want. If you want points, choose that answer that matches the box in which the Sorting Hat has placed you. Know her most outstanding traits. Slytherin , for example, has to do with ambition and cleverness. Griffyndor is bold and brave. Hufflepuff stands for loyalty and friendship. Already Ravenclaw is intelligence and wit. You will not want to stop winning the Cup as you will receive at least 100 gems if you do.

6. Learn to focus on classes.

Missing a focus challenge at Hogwarts Mystery makes the teacher angry and misses the chance to earn more points for his home. Those who are flustered often err at this point, become frustrated, and enter a chain reaction of errors. You will see that there are two fixed circles on the screen, while another decreases and increases in size. The goal is for you to click on the screen when this moving circle is between the two fixed circles. That is the focus. There are two methods to do this. You can tap the screen at the perfect time, that is, when the circles are all green. Or you can touch the screen and keep your finger on it. The circle will continue to move. When he is in the middle of the other two and they all turn green, take your finger off the device. Ready! Focus done!

Another fun point of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is that the game almost always has some special event going on. There has already been a Valentine's Day, Halloween, Christmas and Easter event. In addition to the seasonal ones, there are more differentiated ones, some specifically focused on the game's narrative. Pay close attention to these events as they enable you to win unique items and prizes. Usually you need to do some specific missions, which usually yield good points for your home.

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