6 tips to be the best avenger of Marvel Future Fight

Marvel Future Fight heroes will only be able to save the world with these tips! It is not enough to be very powerful heroes, they need all your help to lead this adventure. Fortunately, Marvel Future Fight rookies find here some tips for creating the most powerful avengers team ever!

1. Follow Jocasta's tips

At the beginning of the game, you can get a little lost with all the information they give you. But fortunately, the artificial intelligence created by Iron Man, Jocasta is here to guide you through the entire game. Talking to Jocasta, the player is always up to date on the plot and she explains how to manage her team of heroes. With the tips, you learn how to improve the skills of each of the heroes, what special events are available to play and what prizes you can collect in the game's mailbox. This mailbox is also very important. Don't forget to access it to collect money, valuable materials to upgrade your characters or even a new superhero.

2. Get a free character every day

To buy superheroes in Marvel Future Fight, you need a lot of crystals and they cost real money. Save using the free Hero Chest to get a new one-star superhero. The free Hero Chest can be opened once a day and can have many pleasant surprises. How about Miles Morales with the powers of Spiderman, Sharon Rogers with the powers of Captain America, one of the heroes of the Guardians of the Galaxy team or one of the X-men? Get other incredible heroes like Elektra, Luke Cage or the Moon Knight with these free chests. Meet the 10 best Marvel Future Fight superheroes!

3. Explore the vulnerabilities of enemies

Superheroes have special abilities, Captain America is a fighter, Black Widow is fast, and Iron Man is an expert at playing missiles. Each Marvel hero falls into these four categories: energy, combat, speed and universal. Enemies also fall into these categories. To deal with enemies who are experts in combat, summon a superhero who is the best at attacking energy. Enemies who are energy experts are weaker against fast superheroes and fast enemies are weaker against strong superheroes. Finally, enemies of the universal category are neither strong nor weak against any of the remaining three categories.

4. Choose a great leader for the team

In a team of three superheroes, one will have to be the leader. The leader is the one who starts the level and assists the other members of the game when they take action. Being a team leader allows you to access the full potential of this superhero. All of his skills are unlocked and best of all: the special characteristics of this hero are also reflected in the rest of the team. Whoever is on the team also influences the bonus skills of all of them. Having Captain America, Black Widow and Iron Man on the same team, for example, improves stats and gives special bonuses. Experiment with various superheroes to get different types of bonuses.

5. Repeat missions to gain more experience

You can only have up to three superheroes on your team, and your squad will grow as you complete missions. We have a problem here: how to take advantage of the characters that are not being used? It's very simple, use them to repeat missions that you've already zeroed. Place superheroes on side teams and complete these old missions to gain experience. This is also very useful for obtaining items, lots of gifts and biometrics to update the skills of your main team.

6. Participate in Legendary Battles to unlock Special Heroes

Legendary battles are almost perfect recreations of the most unforgettable events in the Marvel Studios superhero movies. Participate in fights between the Black Panther and Killmonger, just as they did in the film in Wakanda. Or show everyone that Thor manages to defeat the terrible Hulk in the Grand Master's arena, as it almost happened in the film. The truth is that with each new Marvel film, you can count on a new legendary battle. Dueling is very difficult because enemies typically have a lot of energy and their attacks are devastating. But the rewards are incredible: heroes of 5 or 6 stars, hundreds of crystals and millions of gold coins.

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