To get off to a good start on Grand Chase, it’s always good to know some valuable tips. We have prepared a guide to unveil the most important for you to learn how to play this RPG. Even if you have been playing this game for some time, there may be some important details that you haven't picked up yet. So check out our Grand Chase tips!

1. Upgrade your heroes whenever possible

Despite starting the game with two novice heroes, eventually, you can recruit new characters that can improve your team. You will certainly face tough enemies in the most advanced chapters. Therefore, it is essential to improve your heroes whenever possible. Choose the chapter and its characters and access the information of the hero you want to improve. Use the monster cards obtained during your missions to upgrade your hero to the maximum level. The upgrade gives new skills, better attributes and, in particular, a substantial increase in offensive battle power. And, if you forget to do so, don't worry about it, as the heroes on the card that can be upgraded will notify you of this before starting the mission.

2. Choose the best team possible

If you've played other RPGs of the same style as Marvel Future Fight, this is an obvious tip: never take part in a mission with a team whose battle power is less than the minimum required. If you do, your characters will be knocked out instantly. Choose four heroes with great skills if you want to reset the mission and beat the boss. Your team needs a hero with magical powers, essential to cast spells against large groups of enemies, a hero equipped with swords with impressive attacks and at least a hero who can shoot from a distance like an archer. Certainly, you will have to adjust your team to deal with different enemies and that means rotating the characters in the squad, but a strong team overcomes any obstacle.

3. Repeat the chapters to get bonuses and perform missions

It seems like a redundant task, but we recommend that you repeat missions. In addition to gaining more gold coins and experience (although not as much as the first time), there are some bonuses you can get if you complete the chapter within certain parameters (example: the time it took to complete the chapter or the time it took to defeat the boss, if applicable). Some of these bonuses are weapons that you can equip and upgrade (check out the next tip). Other bonuses can be summon tickets (to get a new hero) or gems to get new items. In addition to the adventure chapters, there is also the Challenge Tower and the Dimensional Bosses to train your heroes. We recommend that you complete most of the 75 floors of the Tower of Challenges, as this Tower eventually does a reset. Dimensional Bosses, which can be summoned with special cards, are tough monsters with lots of energy, but if they are defeated within the time limit, the rewards are very good. Don't even try to defeat one of these creatures with low battle potential. But don't worry, even if you don't defeat them, your energy bar will be the same when you resume combat.

4. Upgrade weapons and accessories

In Grand Chase, you receive many rewards every time you finish a level. One of the most valuable rewards are weapons and accessories. They are valuable because boots, swords, poles, bows, gloves, shields and other accessories help to improve heroes' skills. It is true that improving and evolving your heroes, the skills improve considerably, but the accessories allow you to further increase the combat potential of your favorite character. All weapons and accessories can be upgraded with gold coins up to nine times. Upgrading equipment does not always work, so we recommend that you upgrade up to four times, then use only safe enhancement to rise to the maximum level.

5. Summon new heroes and join a Guild

Did you know that it is possible to summon a hero in the Lodge? If you have a Ticket, you can summon a special hero and the Rare hero summons is the least expensive (only spends Gems) and you can summon a new hero for the same price 24 hours later. Also summon Monster Cards to perform mergers and upgrades. With new heroes, you can build more teams with more varied characters and carry out new combat strategies. Finally, guilds are very useful for receiving bonuses and rewards that can only be obtained in specific missions. Join a Guild or create your own Guild with trusted friends and players. If you want to meet other cool RPGs for mobile, we recommend this list of the best RPGs for mobile. Div Table styles are a great way to layout website sections on the page! Make sure you bookmark this useful free online HTML tool!

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