12 tips to be victorious in Call of Duty BO4 - Blackout!

Even with so many battle royales on the market, Call of Duty Black Ops 4 - Blackout managed to demonstrate a lot of originality and several new elements, so, regardless of your experience with games of the type, expect to go through a period of learning and adaptation. In our tips we’ll cover some basic aspects for those who don’t play battle royales yet, but we’ll also give you advanced Blackout specific tips that are sure to help you win.

1. Choose where to jump

At the beginning of the game, the first step is to choose the place where you will descend. Although the Blackout map is huge, it is possible to reach any area of it from the point you jumped, just glide horizontally with the wingsuit . Locations named on the map that are close to the flight path will be full and it will be difficult to survive the shooting. If you want peace and security, plan for a named region away from the route. There you will find good loots. Be sure to descend into busy areas from time to time to gain experience with frantic firefighting and also to improve your aim.

Zombie Areas

Unlike other battle royales , Blackout has some “zombie areas” on the map, such as the Lighthouse or the Asylum. In these areas you will find zombies that chase players and attack very uncomfortably. The advantage of descending into these areas is that zombies can drop rare and powerful weapons, including fully equipped assault rifles or even a Raygun. In addition, in these areas there are Mystery Boxes (marked by a ray of blue light up to the sky). There you can find several good items such as zombie weapons or level 3 vest.

2. Get off as fast as possible

If you want to reach a distance from the flight path, the quickest way is to descend vertically (upside down) until you reach a speed of 60 and then glide. This way you will maintain a good part of your fall speed while heading to the desired location. Another important tip for getting to the ground before everyone else is: align your fall with the lowest possible terrain. This will cause your parachute to open as late as possible (which is why you will spend more time falling fast) and, as soon as it opens, you redirect where you want. Also learn about the requirements and optimization tips for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

3. Take advantage of your wingsuit

For those who do not know, it is possible to open the wingsuit by jumping from hills, buildings or any terrain that is a little high. Walk around the map to learn the minimum height that the wingsuit can be opened (which is extremely low), especially on uneven terrain. To do this, just jump and hold the jump button. Many players already use the wingsuit as a form of movement.

4. Learn to loot

Whenever you hit the ground in a crowded area, just worry about getting a gun, the rest is for later. You can immediately pick up and equip any weapon, accessory or item using the F key. With the G key you can pick up accessories without equipping them. Try to look directly at the items you want to pick up to ensure that none are left behind.


Blackout inventory is very generous with space, allowing you to carry lots of ammo, equipment, healing items, etc. Since there is no automatic HP recovery in the game, you will need high stockpiles of healing items, whatever they may be. With regard to ammunition, you can loot as much as you like as they will not add up to the total inventory capacity, and each different type of ammunition is accumulated in a single slot. In addition, it is possible to load equipment and a healing item without using any slots. Backpacks increase the number of slots in the inventory to 10.

5. Weapons and accessories

Without going into too much detail, you will need to play for a while until you learn which weapons and accessories are your preference. However, it is advisable that you always try to have an assault rifle (perfect for medium distances) and a sniper with scope (for long distances and for reconnecting areas). Machine guns, shotguns and pistols are very situational in Blackout and will be used more at the beginning of matches, as most of the firing changes are made in medium or long distance. Discover all the Blackout weapons here! With regard to accessories, there is not much to talk about as they will depend a lot on the weapon you are using and also on your personal preferences. However, in any match you WILL NEED a crosshair with a 3x zoom or greater.

6. Level 3 vests and Trauma Kits are the best items in the game

In the current version of the game, there are no better items to pick up than trauma kits and a level 3 vest. The first increases your maximum HP from 150 to 200 while the level 3 vest offers a 65% damage reduction. 65% !!! On top of that, it's the only vest in the game that protects you from headshots . With these two items added up, it is very difficult to lose a duel. In addition, with them you can survive sniper shots and discover the location of enemies, heal and rethink your strategy.

7. Vary your movement

Snipers are extremely strong (and easy to use) in Blackout and will often kill with one shot. Therefore, whenever you are running in the open, be unpredictable with your displacement. Slide, jump or simply change direction to make your opponents miss shots. There is no reason to run in a straight line.

8. Squat down to make less noise

The steps in Blackout are very loud and can be heard from a distance, so if you are running in a region with many walls, you will certainly be detected by the sound. Therefore, whenever you need to move stealthily, crouch and walk, so that the volume of your steps decreases a lot.

9. Avoid buildings

Although the sneaky style of play is surprisingly effective in Blackout, avoid hiding in buildings or other enclosed places. The reason for this is that the steps make a lot of noise and if you are not careful, it will be detected quickly. In addition, grenades are extremely strong in this game (one well placed to kill) and most walls can be shot through.

10. Be careful when using vehicles

Blackout vehicles are very good for travel and escape, but will always show your position. So, avoid getting into vehicles unless it is an emergency. Helicopters can help you save a lot of time and are very safe since you can jump out of them at any time and open your wingsuit .

11. Value the sensor darts

Sensor darts are VERY useful items in Blackout as they reveal the location of enemies within the area around the dart fixation location. Therefore, use them as much as possible, be it on trees, rocks, buildings, etc. A precious tip: sensor darts can be attached to vehicles.

12. Don't be so afraid of the storm

In Blackout, the area outside the safe zone is called a storm, and works just like in other battle royales . The difference is that in this game you can move while healing, in addition to using the perks (benefits) system. A good example is the Outlander, which provides speed bonuses and decreases the damage taken by the storm. Based on these mechanics, you can survive for a long time in the storm and thus catch opponents off guard. Composed with the HTML instant editor. Please purchase a HTMLg subscription license to stop adding promotional messages to the edited documents.

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