Grand Theft Auto V is insanely fun, but that doesn't mean it can't get any better. Welcome back to Los Santos again and discover the craziest mods that will take your game to the next level. Zombies, Dragon Ball, Hulk and Dragons are some of the mods you can take to GTA V.

What you need to know about installing mods

In most cases mods, simply copy your files to the parent folder of GTA V . Find the folder that contains the file “GTAV.exe” and put all the files of the mods you want there. Be careful, as some mods require different programs like OpenIV or Script Hook V to work. Read the instructions for each mod to ensure a smooth installation. Before installing the mods, be aware that they are not officially supported by Rockstar , the game's creator. This does not mean that you cannot install them, but you need to be careful when playing GTA 5 with mods. We recommend that you have a folder in another location, with only the files of the official installation of the game. This way, your game will be preserved even if there are problems with the mods or if you want to play online. Rockstar said players would not be banned for modifying their game in single player campaign mode. If you want to play multiplayer mode ( GTA online), it is recommended that you remove all files related to the mods before logging in.

1. Dragon Ball Z Goku

Download Grand Theft Auto V is the perfect game to unleash the Super Saiyan inside you. Embody Goku and experience the Dragon Ball mystique in the city of Los Santos, attacking with the mighty Kamehameha!

2. Incredible Hulk

Download HULK SMASH! And you can do just that with this fun mod. Embody the Emerald Giant and spread chaos in Los Santos, destroying everything and everyone in its path. And unlike Bruce Banner, you don't have to feel guilty after all this destruction.

3. Poke Ball

Download If you are one of the millions of players who have been stuck in Pokémon GO , then you will love this mod. Poké Ball delivers a hilarious experience for anyone who wants to be a monster trainer even in the dangerous streets of Los Santos. With six Poké Balls as ammo , you can capture characters and use them to fight on your side. Our advice is to first weaken the NPCs you want to keep and then throw the Poké Ball on them. When they finally enter the sphere, they will become your allies and fight on your side whenever you want.


Download Grand Theft Auto is known for letting players commit all the crimes and terrible things they want. But after all this criminality, what remains to be done? How about becoming a cop? With this mod, players move to the side of law and justice. Turn your avatar into a respectable police officer, have access to all police vehicles and answer emergency calls to fight crime in Los Santos. In a game where all players are criminals, be different!

5. Vehicles Jetpack

Download Look at the world around you and accept that we are not going to have the long-awaited flying cars that the 80s movies promised us. But that doesn't have to be the case in GTA 5 ! With this mod, you can fly in the cars and trucks you want and you will never have to worry about parking.

6. Dragons

Download How to Train Your Dragon insane version of Grand Theft Auto 5 . Yes, with this absolutely crazy mod, you'll be able to ride dragons, grab the innocent and throw them in the air while having a barbecue that would embarrass even Drogon and Daenerys. Take your dragon and spread the fire on Los Santos in a way the city has never seen. You will need dragon models created by Quechus13, which can be found here and here .

7. The Red House

Download Have you done all the missions in the game? So this mod is for you. With The Red House, players have access to more than twenty new missions that include murders, gang fights and a theft operation.

8. GrandTheft Zombies

Download Do you love The Walking Dead or whatever zombies have? Then look no further. Turn Los Santos into a zombie apocalyptic nightmare, where you'll have to fight to survive with your brain intact!

9. Shark-O-Matic Gun

Download Seriously, how many different weapons have you used in Grand Theft Auto 5 ? It is likely that you are already experiencing a real military arsenal. But nothing can prepare you for the Shark-O-Matic weapon: you shoot a shark at the victims! The hungry animal comes out of your gun and devours the innocents who made the mistake of being in the same place as you. Insane and well within the spirit that these games have accustomed us.

10. Iron Man

Download What is the Iron Man fan who never dreamed of wearing the hero's red armor? In real life it can be a little difficult, but try this mod for GTA 5 . Fly through the skies of Los Santos and impose respect on rival gangs that have disrespected you.

11. Funny Vehicles

Download With this fun mod, you can forget about driving a normal car like everyone else. With Funny Vehicles, players can drive famous fictional vehicles like the Batmobile, the Back to the Future DeLorean DMC-12 , a Star Wars X-Wing , among many other sensational options.

12. The Army Spawns at Five Stars

Download Grand Theft Auto V breaks one of the best known traditions of the previous games in the saga: when you reached the maximum wanted level , the armed forces came to your city to capture you. Now that this is no longer officially happening, many players can breathe easy. But for those who want the thrill of having the army following in their footsteps, there is this mod. Reach the maximum level of infamy and escape if you can!

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