10 zombie PC games to prepare for the apocalypse

Killing zombies is one of the biggest diversions for many PC players. For those who love these games, there are many good titles available to play on the desktop . In this article we bring together those that you cannot fail to experience at least once in your life!

10. Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time

Plants vs. Zombies 2 is for those who like strategy
Let's start with the least obvious of zombie games. Plants vs. Zombies 2 , like its predecessor, is super fun and brings a funnier and less apocalyptic view of brain-eaters. In it you own a farm and need to use your plants to attack hordes of zombies that are approaching. The game takes place on a kind of chess board. You attack and defend yourself in lines, and the objective is precisely to end the zombie lines. For this, you have several different species of plants, each with unique abilities. It is possible to evolve these plants to have more attack power. Plants vs. Zombies 2 has dozens of stages to play in the main campaign. Other game modes, such as minigames and puzzles , are also present. Even though the theme of the zombie apocalypse has taken a more "light" turn in this game , it is fundamental for those who like titles of the genre. You should play this game if:
  • Want a different gameplay in the "zombie games" genre
  • Enjoying more playful and fun games

9. State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 requires constant strategy from players
If there was even a zombie apocalypse, it would certainly be like what State of Decay 2 represents. This game offers the player the possibility to experience all parts of that event. Build a base, manage resources, manage people, collect items and, of course, kill zombies. All of this comes in frantic gameplay that takes place in real time. That is: if you want to play hardcore , you can't pause in State of Decay 2 . Of course, if you want to follow the solo campaign, without the company of up to three other players, you can too. The fun in this game , however, is cooperation. In fact, without assistance it is quite possible that you will not last long. Having companions makes it easier to collect supplies and survive, as the hordes of zombies are really huge. In addition, State of Decay 2 has a very interesting choice system. You will have to build your own moral code, having to decide whether to leave friends behind to save yourself or to risk your life, for example. There is also a system of progression and improvement of the characters that live at its base, very similar to those common in RPG games. You should play this game if:
  • Enjoy resource management games
  • Get interested in a zombie game with an RPG and strategy footprint

8. Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 recalls the good moments of Doom
Killing Floor 2 is a game that somewhat resembles those arcades from the 80s and 90s. That's because you and five other players must survive constant hordes of zombies, called zeds. They come in levels, with each level the creatures become more powerful. In the end, you face a boss if you survive. The game is quite simple in terms of combat. In addition to being able to fight in melee, you can use firearms. A healing syringe is available to the player, as well as a welder to block passages. Whenever a zed is killed, you earn experience points and money. Surviving a round of zombies gives you financial bonuses. The money can be used in a store that opens for a limited time between one horde and another. Weapons and armor are bought and sold. In relation to success in missions, the most important thing is to ensure that the entire team does not die. Those who die in one round may return in the next. This makes Killing Floor 2 a simple, fun game that favors even the players' action. You should play this game if:
  • Liking more arcade game mechanics
  • Want a more action-focused game

7. Dying Light

Create more than 1000 different weapons in Dying Light
Dying Light presents an open world, with an efficient system at night and day, which affects the behavior of zombies. During the moments of light, it is necessary to collect resources, supplies and tools to keep in the safe points of the map. At night, it's time to take shelter or to be very cautious when exploring the city. This is explained because zombies are apathetic, slow and hardly attack during the days. It is even possible to escape from them without fighting. At night, they become dangerous, unite in flocks and make exploration much more risky. All of this is exacerbated or not by climate change. Wind, rain, storms and fog can hinder exploration and even combat zombies. Another great success of that title, which makes the experience of a zombie apocalypse something more real. In terms of combat, hand-to-hand combat is more privileged than firearms. The weapon creation functionality is an important part of the game, with up to 1000 different weapons being created with the resources found. You should play this game if:
  • Want the experience of an open world with a cooperative campaign
  • Enjoy the idea of ??building hundreds of different weapons.

6. Dead Island

Keep your breath from dying on Dead Island
Dead Island is an action game with elements of survival and even RPG. The player starts his campaign in a hotel, where he is introduced to the main characters, which are four. That is, you choose one of them and the others are controlled by other players , if the game is online . You can always opt for the single player if you want. The goal of the players on Dead Island is to find a way to get in touch with the world outside the island of Banoi. To do so, you need to explore the big map, killing zombies, collecting weapons and evolving your character. There is an evolution tree, which has skills you can choose to add. Fights often occur in melee. Using knives and other cutting weapons is possible, as well as sticks and tools. Both these weapons and firearms break, deteriorate and need repair as they are used. A positive point for those who like a real challenge. The stamina is another point quite complex of Dead Island . The player, even evolving, has a low stamina , which usually leaves him in the hand against more powerful zombies. It is common to die in the middle of a struggle for being too tired. So it is necessary to have a strategy to know when it is better to flee than to fight. You should play this game if:
  • Desire challenging gameplay in terms of combat
  • Get interested in cooperative games

5. Left 4 Dead 2

Get ready for constant hordes of zombies in Left 4 Dead 2
Left 4 Dead 2 is fully cooperative and online . On the one hand we have the survivors and on the other we have the infected. The four survivors are controlled by four players , while the enemies are under the command of artificial intelligence. The goal is only one: kill entire hordes of zombies to reach the end alive. If interested, there is the Versus mode . Both survivors and infected people are controlled by real players. If you want, the single player mode allows your team to have only artificial intelligence, as well as their enemies. The great challenge of Left 4 Dead 2 , however, is the mode called Realism . Even the most professional players have a hard time surviving. To kill the zombies, you need to shoot them in the head. Failing to do so makes the creatures just approach you faster. Despite not offering much diversity of ways to play, Left 4 Dead 2 is a very good title for those who like constant action. It has several weapon options and offers a good online multiplayer system . You should play this game if:
  • Are you a fan of frantic shooting games
  • Value action more than exploration

4. The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Series

Drama, zombies and tense choices await in The Walking Dead
At least everyone has heard of The Walking Dead, either by the comics or by the TV series. The Telltale game is a mix of the entire universe of this story, told with action, interactive drama and elements of survival . There are five episodes and a DLC, which tell a story parallel to the original, with entirely new characters. The player takes control of Lee Everett, a criminal who must survive the zombie apocalypse. You can control it from the most diverse camera perspectives, which makes the game very dynamic. The gameplay of this title brings the premise already known in Telltale productions, which is decision making. The player needs to decide for some attitudes that will modify the narrative's progression as it progresses. Non-controllable characters can change their perception of Lee according to these choices. The highlight of the game is this system. It is also used in times when it is necessary to save the life of another character. Despite "little" freedom of exploration, The Walking Dead: The Telltale Games Series is a dynamic game for that reason. There is no predictability in your actions. You should play this game if:
  • Are you a fan of The Walking Dead series or comics
  • Enjoying games with a choice system

3. Dead Rising 4

Everything can become a weapon against zombies in Dead Rising 4
Dead Rising 4 brings all the success points of the previous games in the franchise. The first of them is the protagonist, the journalist Frank West. He returns to the city of Willamette, stage of the first game , to investigate a new epidemic. The narrative is simple, shallow and serves only to give a "north" to the action. This action takes place in an open world, totally free to be explored. There is no time component of the timer, which forced players to complete missions within a specific time. Now you can scrutinize each corner of the scenarios slowly and carefully. In this Dead Rising the weapon options are even greater. Frank West can take just about anything and turn it into a weapon. There are options for combining items that further increase the protagonist's offensive power. We must not forget that the vehicles are also widely customizable. The zombies have received the addition of a new species. It is present in smaller hordes, however it brings agile and stronger creatures. Humans are also enemies to be faced, although they present little challenge. Putting together the dozens of positives from Dead Rising 4 , we have the best game in the franchise so far and a good title for those who like zombies. You should play this game if:
  • Played other games in the franchise
  • Likes shooters with extensive weapon customization

2. World War Z: The Game

World War Z has up to 1000 zombies at once on screen
World War Z: The Game is a beautiful cooperative shooter , in which four players must survive and eliminate as many zombies as possible. The action takes place in six locations: Denver, New York, Tokyo, Sydney, Moscow and Jerusalem. In total, according to the developers, up to 1000 enemies can appear on the screen at the same time. These enemies are intelligent and are able to climb each other to achieve greater attitudes. A behavior seen in the film and the book in which the game is inspired. The problem is that players appear at random points on the map, not always in favorable locations. In addition to fighting zombies, players in World War Z must fulfill other objectives. Most of them involve rescuing and escorting survivors from one point to another on the map. The collection of items and resources exists in the midst of matches. Other game modes are included in World War Z , but all involving multiplayer participation. The most interesting of them is Player vs. Player vs. Zombies . Two groups of human players face off while they must also kill endless hordes of creatures. You should play this game if:
  • Want to face an absurd number of zombies at the same time
  • Get interested in survival campaign

1. The Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

The Resident Evil 3 is the best zombie game of all time
Every gamer who likes zombie games needs to play zero The Resident Evil 3 at least once in his life. Facing the almost ubiquitous threat of the Nemesis zombie is one of the most tense experiences in the game. Apart from the normal zombies, the dogs turned into monsters and the puzzles in that game. Entirely in third person and almost always as Jill Valentine, the player must escape at any cost from Racoon City. To do this, you need to know how to play with little ammo, with little space in your inventory and the fact that you can't save the game whenever you want. The setting of The Resident Evil 3 is another very positive point. There is almost no soundtrack, just the sounds of the environments you are in. The silence makes it all the more scary, and the zombies are quite active and aggressive when they appear screaming. Although the graphics are not the best, this game is a must for anyone who likes to kill zombies. The plot is very good, the mechanics are classic, the scares are guaranteed and there is still the possibility of having more of a different ending. Anyone who completes the game once has access to a special minigame. You should play this game if:
  • Want to play one of the most classic zombie games
  • Is a fan of The Resident Evil 3 franchise
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