10 Tips for Mastering FIFA Mobile's Lawns

The Mobile FIFA is a spin-off main game for those who can not bear to be without a partidinha when away from the islands. It does not have all the features of the core FIFA, focusing only on the Ultimate Team experience . The 2019 version has been redesigned, with new animations and good changes in gameplay and gameplay . So even if you are a pro in previous editions, you may need some tips in the current release. Today's article will address basic and advanced questions for you to always succeed on FIFA Mobile . You'll get all the gameplay tricks, becoming a staple of steals and goal shots. With our tips, your game level will surely increase and you will have no match for your skills.

1. Enjoy the Gameplay Tutorial very well

The first tip, of course, is more geared to those just starting to play FIFA Mobile . Your first action will necessarily be the Tutorial, which will be explained by none other than the star Neymar Jr. Here you will learn the basics of the basics: finishing, passing, dribbling and defensive tactics. In addition, you'll earn some player and boost cards , which Neymar teaches you how to use. After all the learning, you will play half a game. The goal is to beat it, with the ease of already winning 3-1. Both this match and previous practice should be very well taken advantage of, as they offer literally everything you need to know in terms of gameplay. Those who are starting to play now, for example, may have difficulty scoring goals in FIFA Mobile . If you thought FIFA 19 was very manual in terms of goal-kicking, know that the smartphone version is much more. It takes a while to really learn how to kick.

2. Complete the missions of the game.

Once you finish the Gameplay Tutorial, you will be introduced to the game's missions. These are actions you need to take to receive prizes, such as buying a package or updating your team schema. If you see, it is very similar, if not equal to those tasks that you meet in the Ultimate Team of FIFA 19 . Eventually it will eventually meet them all. Among the awards obtained are good amounts of jewels, coins and even the release of game modes. So do not hesitate to complete the missions to further evolve in FIFA Mobile .

3. Collect Daily Login Awards

In the vertical menu on the left side of the screen there is a calendar. This calendar is the daily and weekly FIFA Mobile login . Every day, even if you don't actually play the game , log in and collect your prize of the day. The first is 725 jewels, while the second, for example, is an Elite player of at least 80 overall . In addition to receiving players and jewels, you can earn experience bonuses and coins.

4. Participate in Events

Events are game submodes within FIFA Mobile . Participating in them is critical to evolving quickly in the game and building a powerful team faster. But beware that some are temporary while others renew daily. There are those that are fixed, as specific to earn uniforms.

5. Assemble your team automatically

One feature that this latest version of FIFA Mobile introduced was the ability to organize your training faster. All you have to do is go to your team and click the "BIGGER" button. The game system will assemble the team in terms of matching and overall from every card they have. The intention is that you get the best possible combination of players. This saves time and even more efficiently optimizes the potential of their holders.

6. Boost Your Players

The boosts are the drivers of skills you can acquire in various ways throughout its evolution in the game. These consumables greatly improve the attributes of your players, ensuring they evolve their overall . Of course, the more of these items you use on a particular player, the more expensive you'll have to pay to apply them.

7. Use manual control during matches

You will notice that it is possible to let FIFA Mobile Artificial Intelligence control your players during matches. That way, you just had to pass the ball and get it on goal. This, however, although a facilitator, can make the experience very mechanical. In addition, manual control ensures more game possibilities. FIFA Mobile in its latest version has a very cool gameplay, very fluid and allows many ways to play. So learn to control your players perfectly, as this brings more mastery over the ball.

8. Master the power of the goal kick

Certainly the most complex part of FIFA Mobile , as we said above, is the goal kick. Casting the ball here sounds easy, as theoretically just sliding your finger in the direction of the goal is not. First of all in the adrenaline rush of the game you won't always be able to direct the ball the way you want. Second, determining the exact force is not so simple without the help of a joystick button . So it may take a few matches to master this foundation. Even if you praise the Tutorial training with praise, a real game is quite different. The secret is trying to figure out how much to carry on the end, so that the ball does not even go to the stands, nor weak exit your feet.

9. Evolve in Campaigns

Campaigns make up the basic game mode of FIFA Mobile . Unlike what happens in FIFA 19 , here you need to focus on the single player first to unlock access to the online game against real players . This is only possible when you complete Part I of the Master Campaign. The problem is that to get there you still have to go through the Silver Campaign, the Gold, the Elite and still have a team with at least 85 overall . Releasing the way online of FIFA Mobile is not the only reason, however, to play the campaigns. As you win each phase of each, you win special prizes. There are Elite players, coins, jewels, experience points, among other prizes.

10. Join the Leagues

Leagues are somehow part of FIFA Mobile's online mode . It is unlocked only when you complete the fifth mission of the Master Campaign. It serves as a sort of "guild" of the rookies, as they can gather around the Leagues there to chat and compete with each other. Let's say it's the most "social" part of this game. In addition, there are specific League tournaments that you must compete. It is a mode that stimulates the most competitive side of players , mainly because there is a worldwide ranking that shows which are the best players of FIFA Mobile .

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