Creating Sims is one of The Sims 4’s coolest tasks . But, when the official clothing catalog starts to become limited for your creativity, the solution is to resort to personalized content that the big fans of the game have specially prepared to give a unique touch. your Sims. Now renew your Sims' wardrobe with several collections that include women's, men's, children's and even thematic clothing!

  • Women's Sets
  • Men's Sets
  • Unisex Sets
  • Children's sets
  • Installing custom content

Women's Sets

Beautiful and Elegant

This clothing pack has everything you need to renew your Sim's wardrobe. There are 120 options of dresses, t-shirts, accessories and hair to create unique and super stylish feminine combinations. Among the varieties are included perfect options for going out at night, having a romantic dinner, staying at home, hanging out or even getting married! Download the Beautiful and Elegant set here.

Ready To Marry

The most special day of your Sim's life is coming and you want to impress the entire neighborhood with an iconic wedding dress. Discover 46 options of women's dresses and accessories for Willow Creek's most stunning wedding celebration. Download the Ready to Wed set here.

Hipster Universe

Have you always wanted to turn your Sim into a tumblr girl? Then your time has come! With the "Universo Hipster" pack you will find options for pants, t-shirts, feminine accessories and even a decorative object to give a special touch to your room. Download the Hipster Universe set here.

Female skirts

Skirts can incorporate very varied looks in your Sim's day to day. In this set of skirts you will find perfect options to party, study, work and even relax at home. Discover 10 different types of skirts that you should incorporate into your wardrobe right now. Download the Women's Skirts set here.

Men's Sets

Men's Style

If you really are a fan of The Sims, you may have noticed that the men's clothing included in the game is simple and not very versatile. The time has come to change with this set of 120 men's clothing and accessories. Explore an urban, executive or basic style, expanding your possibilities for clothing combinations. Download the Men's Style set here.

Unisex Sets

Geek Style

Lovers of geek culture, attention! This grand pack contains a variety of more than 180 types of clothing and objects from the nerdy world. Includes clothing options inspired by Marvel superheroes, Star Wars t-shirts and posters of your favorite character. Try out all the gamers clothing options available. Download the Geek Style set here.

On My Way

The opportunity has arrived that you needed to give your Sims a stylish and modern touch. Celebrate diversity with the "On My Way" set, inspired by authentic and bold Sims! Contains tattoos, accessories, colored hair, decorative objects, clothes and lots of style! Download the On My Way set here.

Chinese new year

Come and celebrate with your family the end of another year. This pack allows you to try different clothing options inspired by Chinese and Oriental culture. With options for the elderly and even children, let everyone in your town get into character and celebrate the Chinese New Year! It doesn't matter if you speak Mandarin or Simslish, something tells me that the upset party this year will be incredible. Download the Chinese New Year set here.

Children's sets

Kids World

I know, children can do a lot of antics, but there is nothing better than choosing the perfect set of clothes and decorating your child's room. This clothes pack contains more than 200 different types of clothes, decorative objects and toys, made especially for the children of the family. Download the Kids World set here.

Set for Children

If you've had enough of the same children's clothing options available in the game, take the opportunity to try 47 new styles, made just for your kids. There is the ideal clothing and accessory for all situations, from formal events to day games at the daycare center. Download the Kids Set here.

Installing custom content

Installing custom content and mods is very simple. Just extract all the .package files into the Mods folder , located in “Documents \ Electronic Arts \ The Sims 4 \ Mods”. Be sure to check if, in your game options, the Enable Custom Content and Modifications box is active. Don't worry, if you have any questions you can consult our installation guide for custom content and mods in The Sims 4 . Check out the best custom hair for The Sims 4 here . See the essential tips for doing well in The Sims 4 here .

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