Tricks of Donkey Kong Country Returns for Wii

Unlock some extra sections of the game.

Mirror Mode: Beat all K levels (Get KONG on all levels of the world). Once you get it, a golden temple will be displayed on the world map. Complete the temple level and you will unlock the "Mirror Mode". This is a mode of a level of extreme difficulty, in which we can play through each level of the game, having a single life and not being able to use Diddy, or use items. Banana Temple: To unlock the Banana temple you must complete the game, but to access it, you must first collect all the KONG cards from different levels of the world, and get all the spheres of each of the temples. Once you get it, the temple door will open, allowing you to access inside.

Get extra lives:

If you load a saved game, with the low battery of your Wii Remote, a message from Cranky will be displayed, warning you that the battery is low and will give you extra lives to help you.

Infinite DK Coins:

Find the first checkpoint in the world 2-2 (Sloppy Sands). There you will find two squid cannons under a bridge. Press (jump) and to bounce from the lowest squid to the highest squid, press again on the highest squid to go to the lowest squid, which will cause them to eject coins. You can keep bouncing between both squids, as long as you want and get as many coins as you like. This document has been edited with the instant web content composer. The online instant HTML converter make a great resource that will help you a lot in your work. Save this link or add it to your bookmarks.

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