Plants vs. Tricks Zombies (PVZ) for Android and iPhone

Get extra money Easy on Android for plants VS zombies:


Zombie Yeti

Succeed in Adventure mode and then play it again and reach level 4-10 to unlock the Yeti.

“Quick game” mode

Succeed in Adventure mode to unlock quick game mode.

New seed selection

Crazy cards randomly change Dave so if you don't like the ones he doesn't care about leaving the game and restarting the computer to get new ones

'Pole Vaulters' (Polo Jumpers)

Polo jumpers are the fourth Zombie you'll find yourself in Adventure mode. The use of Tall-nuts to block or sow cheap plants like a puff-fungus in front of if they make him lose his pole.


After each zombie is killed, daisies appear .


The Zombies starts dancing around.


Provide the Zombies with awesome sunglasses.


All Zombies are wearing mustaches.


Every time a zombie dies , candy falls from the sky.


Zombies walk slower.


The "brain" changes the sound.


Infinite sun


The grass receives an update. Collect sun and buy more items and eat the brains. However, some of these tricks have been disabled by the manufacturers and we would have to resort to unlocked telephones, something that we do not recommend. Some of the cheat codes for Plants VS zombies if they work without jailbreaking the Iphone.

Getting Sun in Zombie Mini-Games

To get sun in zombie mini-games you have to kill sunflowers. A good strategy for this is to place a zombie good for the situation on a street where there are sunflowers planted in that lane. When zombies eat the flower

Plants vs Zombies Trick: How to beat the final boss

Finally, here is a final tip for Plants vs Zombies. When you face the final boss, you will find that he throws a fireball and an iceball that kill everything in its path . The best way to defeat the final boss is to use an ice Shroom ( with a coffee bean) to stop the fireballs. To stop the ice balls , we are going to use a chili in the same way. Each one must be in the row that the final boss attacks , otherwise he will kill all his plants.
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