There are around 50 Heroes on Lords Mobile and each offers a different style of play, with its own ultimate skills and weapons. So it is very important for the game that you know how to release new Heroes and how to improve the ones you have already recruited. Check out this guide to learn how to take advantage of your Heroes in Lords Mobile .

Keep your Heroes well equipped

It is very important that you equip your Heroes with the armor you gain while playing. This is because, in addition to improving his attributes, when being equipped with the set of six pieces , your Hero will rise in rank. So, don't forget to check the equipment screen to keep your Heroes always up to date.

How to unlock new Heroes

To recruit Heroes, you need Hero Medals that can be earned by completing Hero Stages in Elite mode. Each Hero needs a set of 10 medals to be released, but you can also use them to improve the attributes of Heroes already recruited. Meet the best heroes of Lords Mobile

Heroes Stages

In the center of your village there is a giant golden statue that gives access to the Hero's Stages. To release Elite mode from these Stages and be able to farm medals, you need to complete Normal mode first. Elite mode is not the same as Normal mode, with only boss battles to complete.

Clear stages

After completing a level in Normal or Elite, you have the option of using your STA attributes to make an instant sweep in that Stage. While you can only sweep the same Stage four times a day, you can clean others with different Medals that may be of interest to you.

Different medals for each Hero

Each Hero requires different types of medals before he can be released. To find out what to farm, you can open your Heroes screen and select the question mark to see the list of available Heroes. There, choose the one you want to recruit to find out the Stage you need to complete to earn the necessary medals. If the name is gray it means that you do not have access yet.

What are the best Heroes for beginners?

This will depend on the type of army you want to create, whether it will be focused on Strength, Agility or Intelligence. Anyway, these are the simplest and most effective Heroes for those who are learning to settle into the game:
  • Agility: Trickster is a support hero with skills that will help you in your first matches.
  • Strength: Rose Knight is an excellent champion to lead your armies, especially because of her healing skills.
  • Intelligence: Prima Donna is considered the best heroine in the entire game, due to her healing and increased damage skills.

How to level your heroes

There are several ways to gain experience for your Heroes, but only a few are truly effective. The best method is undoubtedly the Sweeping of Hero Stages. Do this at Normal or Elite levels to quickly and effortlessly gain experience, items and Hero Medals. You can also complete missions to gain extra experience, but this method is slower than sweep .

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