Ready for something different? League of Legends will undergo the biggest change ever in its game system. Runes and Talents cease to be separate entities to become a unique system and perfected to their style of play: Reinforced Runes. Learn how Reforged Runes revolutionize League of Legends and the reasons that will make you love this new system!

Simpler, more specialized

With the new combined Runes and Talents system, players will find it easier to build their role in the game. Concentrating the strategy in the choice of 6 Runes , you will have the possibility to develop your unique form of game and to know which are the best champions for your style. The 60 new runes are free and are distributed across 5 different play style options.

5 ways to choose - which ones will be yours?

The new Reinforced Runes system features 5 paths that work like rune trees. The paths define the player's identity and are called Precision, Domination, Sorcery, Determination and Inspiration. There is a primary tree and a secondary tree, with unique runes for the paths you choose. The primary tree has 4 rune spaces and the first space is for the Essential Rune, the most powerful of the entire tree. Your primary tree also gives you a bonus of attributes that mark the style and functioning of your champions. The secondary tree has 2 spaces for non-essential runes and works in conjunction with the main tree for a combination of attributes. Learn now the essentials about each path of the new system:


For those who want to attack quickly, with high damage, and effectively withstand enemy attacks. Bonus: 18% Attack Speed ??(matching any Tree) The spaces / choices for the runes of the Precision tree are divided into the categories of Essential Rune, Heroism, Legend and Combat. Now understand the differences between the 3 Essential Precision Runes :


Hit a champion of the enemy team with 3 consecutive basic attacks (30 - 120 additional adaptive damage). This makes opponents vulnerable, increasing damage taken from all sources by 12% for 6 seconds.


1.5 seconds after damaging an enemy, gain 30 - 80% Attack Speed ??for 3 seconds. If you attack a champion, the effect will be extended up to 6 seconds. This Rune allows you to temporarily exceed the Attack Speed ??limit.


Earn combinations of energy through your attack and movement. Reaching 100 stacks, your next attack will increase Movement Speed ??and can heal you.


For the most skilled assassins to quickly reach the target and do enormous damage. Bonus: +11 Attack Damage or +18 Ability Power (matching any Tree) The spaces / choices for the runes of the Domination tree are divided into the categories of Essential Rune, Malice, Tracking and Hunter. Discover the 3 Essential Runes of this tree:


Hitting a champion with 3 different abilities or attacks in 3 seconds causes additional adaptive damage (50 - 220 damage).


Active effect for your boots that gives a 45% increase in Movement Speed ??for 15 seconds. Your next attack or ability does additional adaptive damage.


Absorb the souls left by champions, numerous armies and large monsters. Collecting the spirits gives Soul Charge and deals additional adaptive damage for the next attack on an enemy or structure.


Strengthen your skills and be a destructive master of magic. Bonus: +15 Attack Damage or +25 Ability Power (matching Accuracy). The spaces / choices for the runes of the Domination tree are divided into the categories of Essential Rune, Artifact, Excellence and Power. Find out what separates the 3 Essential Runes of Witchcraft:


Attacks and abilities send Aery to the champions, dealing damage to opponents or shielding his team allies. Damage is 20 - 60 and the Shield is 30 - 80.


When dealing damage to a champion with an ability, he throws a comet at him, inflicting damage (30 - 100) wherever he is. If the Arcane Comet is in Cooldown, the time is reduced.


Hitting a champion from the other team with 3 different skills or attacks within 3 seconds increases Movement Speed ??by 15 - 40%.


For the toughest tanks and champions dedicated to controlling the group. Bonus: +130 Life (matching any Tree) The spaces / choices for the runes of the Domination tree are divided into the categories of Essential Rune, Strength, Endurance and Vitality. Check out the characteristics of the 3 Essential Runes of this path:


Every 4 seconds, your next basic attack against a champion deals additional Magic Damage (equal to 4% of your maximum Life), can heal you (2% of your maximum Life) and permanently increases your Life by 5.


After paralyzing a champion from the other team, it increases its defenses (Armor and Magic Resistance by 20 + 30% for 2.5 seconds) and makes an explosive attack, dealing magic damage to the nearest enemies.


Protect allies 175 units away from your location and allies you cast skills on. During the Guardian effect, if you or your allies take damage, you both gain a shield (60 - 150) and + 20% Movement Speed ??for 1.5 seconds.


For players who like to manipulate the rules and be free to create their strategies. Bonus: + 20% Potion + 145 Health (combined with Determination) + 20% Potion and Elixir Duration + 16 Attack Damage or + 27 Ability Power (combining with Domination) + 20% Potion and Elixir Duration + 16 Attack Damage or + 27 Ability Power. (combining with Witchcraft) + 20% Potion and Elixir Duration + 20% Attack Speed ??(matching with Accuracy) The spaces / choices for the runes of the Inspiration tree are divided into the categories of Essential Rune, Geringonça, Amanhã and No Além. Understand the differences between the 3 Essential Runes of this special tree:


Earn a Summoner Fragment after 2 minutes and receive more every 6 minutes from the first. You can exchange Fragments in the store to replace your Summoner Spells.


Reduce an enemy's speed by 2 seconds when hitting it with a basic attack. An enemy's slowdown with active items casts a freezing beam over them, creating a 50% slowing area.


After using an ability, your next attack gives you additional gold and there is a chance to gain consumables. Find out more about this rune in our Cleptomancy guide!

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