Poco is a rare Brawler known for being one of the supporting characters of Brawl Stars. Its main characteristics are very low damage and its great utility in team fights due to the very open angle of its normal attack and its healing. It is certainly one of the most limited Brawlers since it is only viable in POCOS game modes, but it remains one of the most used. Check out everything you need to know to play a lot of Poco in Brawl Stars!

Characteristics of Poco's attacks

Dissonance : Poco's normal strike causes very little damage to isolated opponents but its very wide angle (the shots form a very wide cone) allows Poco to hit many opponents at once. Its range is reasonable and allows a safe distance from opponents to be maintained. The damage of the blow is independent of the distance traveled. What is special about the coup is the very low cooldown between shots. It is possible to spend all three ammunition extremely fast to do their full damage using autofire. In addition, the cooldown is also fast, so Poco can remain active most of the time. (Super) Bis! : Carl fires a shot through walls and has an even wider angle than his normal attack. Projectiles heal all partners in range. The attack also automatically effects the same healing value for Poco. (Star Power) Music Therapy : Causes Poco's normal attacks to heal 500 HP from affected partners.

Poco's attributes

Level HP Damage per hit Super Healing
1 3,800 660 2,100
2 3,990 693 2,205
3 4,180 726 2,310
4 4,370 759 2,415
5 4,560 792 2,520
6 4,750 825 2,625
7 4,940 858 2,730
8 5,130 891 2,835
9 and 10 5,320 924 2,940
Cooldown while standing still 1.6
Reach 7.0
Super Reach 10.33

Tips on how to play with Poco

  • Poco is a Brawler designed to pokear, meaning you should always attack from a distance and retreat. Your goal is always to target damage, but killing is always a consequence. Only pursue kills if they are guaranteed or necessary. Positioning is crucial for anyone playing Poco.
  • The very wide angle of Poco's shots makes it perfect for map control. In addition, you can shoot thickets and reveal most of them at once.
  • The open angle of the shots also allows Poco to hit multiple opponents at the same time, so his Super can fill up very quickly. Two shots that hit three opponents are enough to fill the Super.
  • Based on the top tip, avoid isolated combat and always try to provoke / participate in team fights.
  • In isolated combat, use autofire as fast as you can to make the three shots. In team fights, prioritize aiming. It is essential that you hit more than one opponent whenever possible.
  • It is common for many players to use Super even when they are no longer being attacked. Do not do it. If you can expect automatic game healing, there is no reason to spend your Super.
  • Keep an eye on the Super bar so you don't back down when you don't have to. Often you can stay in the fight instead of running away and hitting one more shot to heal yourself. That way you stay active for much longer and keep track of the map.
  • Do not expect your partners to be almost dying for you to use the cure. Try to cure them when they are about 50% HP. That way it is possible for your Super to fill up again so you can heal them again, in the same life.
  • Healing your partners with your Star Power is almost never useful. Most of the time it is better that you spend your offensive force ammunition. Obviously, there are several specific situations that you must support.
  • Poco is extremely good at Pique-Gema, good at Double Combat and viable at Fute-Brawl. All other modes are simply not indicated.
  • Poco is a great gem carrier for having a lot of ability to control the environment. In Pique-Gema mode, always assume this role and don't waste time on the lanes.
  • In Fute-Brawl, avoid catching the ball. Poco is much more useful in dealing area damage in team fights.
  • In Dual Combat mode, leave the energy cubes to your partners. Poco takes a long time to break the coffers.
  • Attention: in Pique-Gemma mode, Poco loses x1 to several gem carriers in the game like Pam, Jessie, Penny, etc. However, Poco adds the role of gem carrier to that of support, and therefore, he NEEDS to be played together with more players. That alone makes him a great character. At no time should he play alone.

How to play against Poco

Poco is a very one-sided Brawler (he is only strong in one thing) and with very simple mechanics, so it is not difficult to counter him. Check out these tips:
  • If you are playing with ranged Brawlers, just stay at your safe distance. Poco's reach is not the greatest in the game.
  • Poco is a very useful Brawler for his team, so stay tuned for his actions. Considering that his attacks are very weak, if you notice that he has already used up ammo, go up.
  • The best time to press Poco is when he finished using the Super.
  • Poco needs to work hard to keep his distance safe. If during the match you notice that he is too advanced, do not miss the chance and press with everything you have.
  • If you're playing with Brawlers tanks, you can literally ignore Poco's attacks and go for the kill. Don't think too much.
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