HOI4 cheats: the main codes to facilitate war and gameplay!

Hearts of Iron, or HOI, is a war game with strong elements of strategy. In it you can take control of any nation in the bloody World War II. To make your life easier, why not use some cheats ? Below we have separated the main cheats that interfere in the gameplay of the game! To activate them is very simple. Press the ' or SHIFT + 2 and SHIFT + 3 key to open the field where you will enter the codes. Now just choose which ones you want from the list below and that's it! Type, press ENTER and you're all set!

In HOI4 you can control Brazil in a war!

Main HOI4 cheats: experience, all technologies and maximum command

Code description
gain_xp (quantity) Adds experience to a Leader or General that you select
cp Adds command power to a maximum of 100%
st Adds stability to a maximum of 100%
ws Adds war support to a maximum of 100%
add_equipment (quantity) (equipment name) Adds any non-naval equipment as long as you’ve researched it before
whitepeace Everything goes back to how it was before the war started
teleport (province ID) Transports anything to a specific province
allowdiplo Commanders use diplomatic actions without having to justify themselves
debug_nuking Using nuclear weapons is allowed in any province
instantconstruction All buildings are ready quickly
event (event ID) (country TAG) This starts any event in a particular country.
research Does all equipment research
research_on_icon_clock Do an instant search for a tree technology
annex Attaches the territory of an enemy or all enemies
winwars Gives maximum war score in all wars you are in
tag You change the country you are playing with
watch The AI will play alone and you will just be watching
setcontroller You start to command a certain province
xp Adds experience to all your units
pp Adds political power to your country
civilwar Starts a civil war within a country between certain ideologies
add_party_popularity Adds popularity to a given country's ideology
set_ruling_party Determines an ideology as commander within a country
Decision.NoChecks Allows you to ignore requirements for making decisions
nuke Add nuclear bombs to your country
yesman All AI-led countries accept diplomatic offers
deleteallunits Deletes all units in a country
aircombat Starts an aerial combat in any region of the map determined by you
fronts Enables or disables the display of all borders
traderoutes Enables or disables the visualization of trade routes
deltat Speeds up or slows down the speed of game animations
building_health Changes the health of a building
morehumans The number of people in your country increases
pause_in_hours Pauses the game after a certain period of time
resign You abandon your current position
ai_invasion Whether or not it allows AI to carry out naval invasions
ai_accept Forces AI or not to accept diplomacy
fow Enables or not war fog
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