Dead By Daylight is a terrifying game with killers inspired by iconic horror movie characters. Each assassin has different characteristics that make him unique, such as primary, secondary weapons and special abilities. We chose the most effective killers, relating the amount of playing time and the effort it takes to master each one. Each assassin has his own mechanics to get rid of the survivors.


An old nurse who specialized in crossing surfaces using her evil powers and in pursuing the survivors. Nothing and no one can hide from it. Nurse is a difficult killer to master for a novice player, but very effective. Weapon: Bone Saw. A good weapon for quick attacks. Special Weapon: Spencer's Last Breath. Despite being his secondary "weapon", this evil power is more of a skill that allows Nurse to jump into the spirit world (like Wraith), but in successive leaps, called "Blink". It can chain these Blinks in succession, until it is exhausted. They are great for crossing obstacles or attacking survivors by surprise.

Special skills

  • Stridor : Nurse can hear survivors breathing better.
  • Tanatophobia : Survivors are slower in their actions whenever one is dying or is captured.
  • Nurse's Calling: Whenever one survivor heals or heals another, Nurse is more likely to detect his or her Aura.

Tips for playing with Nurse

  • After making a Blink, you can immediately attack a survivor without having to recover.
  • You can use Blink to walk up or down or walk through walls. Nurse is slow to move, so this skill is essential.
  • The best tactic to use with Nurse is to guess where the survivors are going and use Blink to surprise and corner them.


A well-armed, highly mobile assassin capable of covering great distances in a short time. Your chainsaw helps you in your mission, despite being very noisy, which can alert survivors. Weapon : Hammer Special Weapon : A Chainsaw. Hillbilly goes into an insane sprint as soon as he activates the chainsaw. He can use this power to attack very quickly.

Special Abilities

  • Enduring : Hillbilly is resistant to pain, recovering quickly from the knockout.
  • Lightborn : Less chance of being dazzled by light.
  • Tinkerer : Whenever a generator is repaired above 85%, the player receives this information, reducing his Ray of Terror for a few seconds, which allows him to approach survivors without being noticed.

Tips for playing with Hillbilly

  • The chainsaw takes a long time to activate without extras. Use it at the right time.
  • The sprint with the chainsaw, when it hits, puts the survivor in a state of near death.
  • Whenever you activate your chainsaw, check to see if it is causing noise that can disguise the survivors' movements and attracting action on yourself. Do not do this unnecessarily.
  • Although a great weapon, the chainsaw is great for running at high speed across maps.


She is a specialist killer in detecting and chasing the survivors, attacking them with axes thrown at incredible speed. You can apply pressure across the map. Weapon: Ax Special Weapon: Throwing Axes. Huntress starts each game with five axes that end after launch. Can be refilled in Lockers. Keep the release button pressed for a super strong launch.

Special skills

  • Beast of Prey : Earn more points (bloodpoints) per victim.
  • Territorial Imperative: Can see the Auras of the survivors for a short time.
  • Hex: Huntress Lullaby : Huntress emits an evil song that deconcentrates the survivors.

Tips for playing with Huntress

  • Throw your axes at the right time. For example, when survivors drop an obstacle or are jumping out of a window.
  • You can use your axes to trick survivors with noise from the other direction.


A dangerous killer who manages to create an electric field incapacitating the survivors and causing them to hallucinate and scream in terror. This allows you to hunt them down without mercy. Weapon : Stick with metal spikes Special Weapon : Carter's Spark. Doctor manages to create an electric field that makes survivors lose touch with reality and go crazy. You can use this electric field in two ways: Treatment or Punishment. The treatment mode sends a shock around Doctor. Punishment mode allows you to attack more quickly. Excessive shock in the survivors will cause them to go into dementia, being unable to take any action for a few seconds, which can be taken advantage of by the killer.

Special skills

  • Overwhelming Presence : The very presence of Doctor causes fear in the survivors leaving them ineffective in their actions.
  • Monitor & Abuse : Whenever chasing someone, Doctor increases his terror radius.
  • Overcharge : Sabotage a generator, forcing the survivor who tries to repair it to make a very difficult skill test. If it fails, the generator will return to a more delayed state, causing survivors to waste a lot of time.

Tips for playing with Doctor

  • The electric field in Treatment mode depends on skills and extras that need to be unlocked. This greatly increases the Doctor's power.
  • Punishment mode allows Doctor to move faster, using only electric shock to momentarily knock out survivors.
  • Try to get the survivors to accumulate dementia, getting as close to them as possible. Remember that they can hide in closets.
  • Wait for the right moment to use your shock in Punishment mode or the survivors will be able to escape.


The more you chase the survivors, the stronger and faster Shape gets. He is a killer based on this style of persecution, being able to choose one of the survivors as an obsession. This will earn you extra points. Its mask is very shiny, which makes it easy to spot, but Shape's play style is unique in the game. He's a good killer for novice players. Weapon : a huge, sharp kitchen knife. Shape is the only assassin who can kill with one hit. Special Weapon : Evil Within. Not a weapon, but a state of alert that rises the further he pursues the survivors. It gets faster and faster, stronger and with better detection instincts. Pure Evil has three stages.

Special skills

  • Save The Best For Last : Choose a survivor as an obsession. Each blow delivered to the other survivors increases their recovery from attack.
  • Play with your food : Choose a survivor as an obsession. Whenever chasing his obsession and letting it escape, Shape picks up speed.
  • Dying Light : Choose a survivor as an obsession. Each selfless movement of your obsession increases its speed. However, if you manage to eliminate it and sacrifice it, all other survivors lose speed and skill in healing, sabotage and repair.

Tips for playing with Shape

  • Try to move quickly, using obstacles like trees, rocks and other objects to camouflage and attack at the right time.
  • Try to increase your Evil Within ability to stage 3. This turns Shape into an even more lethal killer. Remember that Evilt Within increases when Shape chases its victims.
  • Shape is good at chasing his victims and jumping over obstacles. Use these advantages well.


A killer specializing in tormenting and torturing survivors, Pig is also great at ambushing thanks to her short stature and squatting ability, which turns off her ray of terror, leading survivors to mistake her for one of them. Their inverted traps are good tools for area control. Weapon : Hidden blade, perfect for killing quickly. Special weapon : Jigsaw's Baptism. Moving quickly in the darkness, Pig manages to place inverted traps on the map that trap the survivors' heads, who are forced to try to open the trap. If they fail, they are immediately eliminated.

Special skills

  • Hangman's Trick : Destroyed or sabotaged hooks regenerate on their own.
  • Surveillance : The player can see the survivors' auras momentarily.
  • Make your choice : Whenever a survivor saves another from a hook, this skill will expose you for 40 to 60 seconds. During that time, the survivor can be eliminated with one stroke.

Tips for playing with Pig

  • Inverted traps are cool, but they are not your main goal. Use them to control the map - survivors trying to open traps are not ruining totems or sabotaging generators.
  • Your ability to crouch and hide is the most effective way to reach victims. Crouching, Pig has no Ray of Terror.
  • Try to camouflage yourself in the darkness and take the isolated survivors by surprise.
  • Keep moving and create good situations to surprise your enemies.
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